Neighbourhood guide: getting to know Chelsea


Chelsea is one of London's most affluent districts, with businesses, attractions and homes catered to a discerning high-end clientele. Don't let this put you off visiting, however – despite its elitist reputation, Chelsea is perfectly welcoming to those eager to indulge their love of the finer things in life, or simply enjoy the stunning local scenery.

In this blog, we'll walk you through some of the things to see and do on your next visit...

An Introduction to Chelsea

Chelsea isn't only home to the glitzy 'old money' set, although they certainly form a large part of the area's demographics. Families with a little money to burn also live here – the area is pricey enough to often deter students and younger Londoners from being able to afford rent or house prices, so scaling the property ladder in Chelsea is frequently reserved for those who have the bank balance to support an affluent life style.

All the same, this doesn't stop all walks of life from stopping by to visit, whether that's for the incredible shopping opportunities, great dining or a spot of sightseeing.

Dining in Chelsea

There are lots of great restaurants near Finsbury Square, but if you feel like dining in Chelsea, then you're in luck. This is an area where you'll find a seemingly endless array of upmarket restaurants, cafes and bars, alongside a few select chain outlets. Whether you want a relaxed brunch or dinner in stylish surroundings, you will find plenty of outlets sure to impress.

Shopping in Chelsea

Bars, boutiques and fine dining are three of the main things which draw people to Chelsea while staying at the Montcalm London City. Chelsea is well known for an array of big brands and smaller independent boutiques, and it is here you will find lots of unique fashion finds which are harder to come by elsewhere in the city.

The King's Road is a major shopping hotspot, so come prepared to shop till you drop.

The Great Outdoors

Chelsea is not simply a hub for shopping and dining – there's also lots of fantastic green spaces ideal for warmer weather visits during your stay in the city.

Chelsea Physic Garden, founded in 1673, contains the largest rock garden in the world. If you feel like a short stroll, then you can easily reach both Battersea Park and the sprawling Hyde Park on foot.

Accommodation in Chelsea

There are plenty of choices for those eager to stay in and around Chelsea for a break, no matter the time of year. If you're looking for a well-appointed venue with spacious rooms, perfect for exploring this great area of London for yourself, then a stay at the Montcalm London City provides the ideal home from home.

Transport in Chelsea

Travelling to and from Chelsea is easy, thanks to the close proximity of several London Underground stations. There's lots of bus routes which stop here, as well as stations like Earl's Court, Sloane Square, Fulham Broadway and South Kensington all within easy reach.