Neighbourhood guide: Golden Lane Estate

Golden Lane Estate

Some of the best places in London are the quieter areas away from the busy squares and commercial districts. The Golden Lane Estate offers a wonderful mixture of beautiful architecture and exciting activities.

Located just north of the Montcalm London City Hotel, Golden Lane Estate offers a different London experience to those staying at our hotels near London City. Here are some of the must-see activities if you’re planning to take a stroll through the Golden Lane Estate this month.

Photography walk

Whether you’re a professional photographer looking to capture the beauty of London’s quieter side or an Instagram star hoping to snap some photos that your followers will love, the gorgeous architecture around the Golden Lane Estate will give you plenty to point your camera at. After enjoying breakfast at the Montcalm London City Hotel, pack up your camera and set off walking through the residential areas and green spaces to see what visual treasures you can uncover.

Barbican Centre

Silk Street, London

If you’re trying to plan your trip to London and you’re not sure where to go for entertainment, look no further than the legendary Barbican Centre. The popular performing arts venue has been a pillar of the creative community in London for decades and regularly stages some of the best shows in the country. Whether you’re looking for music, drama or comedy, the performance schedule at the Barbican is always packed full of incredible performances.

Museum of London

London Wall, London

There are plenty of historical institutes and art houses to choose from in London but if you find yourself wandering through the Golden Lane Estate, you won’t want to miss out on a chance to browse the breathtaking collections at the Museum of London. Take a trip back in time and learn more about the ancient artefacts that sit on display throughout the halls of the museum. Follow the timeline of London from the pre-Roman era all the way to modern times. An afternoon at the Museum of London is a great learning opportunity for little ones.

The Charterhouse

Sutton’s Hospital, London

Take a stroll to one of London’s prized architectural treasures and learn more about the history of the city and its patrons. The Charterhouse dates back to 1348 and was once used a burial site for victims of the black death. Since then it has served as a historical and cultural institution for tourists and residents of London. Join one of the tours and explore the beautiful antique interior of the house and learn more about how its various owners have helped the local community throughout history.

Old Spitalfields Market

Horner Square, London

It wouldn’t be a trip to London without doing at least a little bit of shopping but if you’d rather avoid the busy retail districts in favour of something more alternative, Old Spitalfields Market is the place to be. The quaint marketplace boasts a selection of indie boutiques that deal in everything from flowers to fashion. Explore the beautiful indoor market and see what treasures you can find.