New improvements in London City Airport

London Airport

Business travellers and frequent flyers expect quality customer service from the airport they fly from. Therefore it becomes imperative for airports to try to exceed customer expectations by delivering top quality customer service, which will inspire positive sentiment in travellers. It is that extra step that an airport takes that makes it stand out from its competitors. Any world class airport needs to be proactive to resolve any problems that travellers might possibly face while there.

Time is a major concern among travellers who travel frequently. From time spent at the check-in counter, to time taken to get security clearance, to the time they actually board the plane; it is one of the most crucial factors that airports have to focus on. With the extra security checks that are in place it can pose a few challenges of its own to airports, to streamline the process and make it more efficient.

The London City Airport authority has attempted to deal with these issues and to fast-track the entire process, without actually compromising any vital safety measures. For this it has made use of technology to come up with effective solutions for time related issues. This has made it much more convenient for passengers and given them a greater sense of empowerment.

Some of the areas where they have used technology to improve customer experience are:

While automatic check-in is not a novel method, LCY has encouraged its use which saw a hike of mobile check-ins from 12 to 19% in the past year.
The airport has introduced new self-service check-in counters which serve multiple airlines to the airport. The benefit for passengers is that they do not have to go to any specific kiosk, but rather can use any available kiosk at the airport for their check-in and to print their boarding pass.

Another benefit for passengers is the use of Phase 5 kiosks currently used by two airlines at LCY airport.   It gives passengers the convenience to weigh their own luggage, pay any extra charges (if in excess) as well as to tag their luggage. They then can straight away take their luggage to the bag drop podium, which helps to reduce time at the queue. There are plans to use this system for other airlines as well.

LCY airport has further tried to improve the security challenges by streamlining the process. The airport authorities are collaborating with a technology company named Crowd Vision, to create technology that can help to monitor the flow of traffic at the airport. It is used to see any crowd build-ups in key areas, where staff can be increased to better manage the queues or even adding extra security personnel to reduce delay. This when operative will go a long way in saving time for weary passengers.

There is unlimited free Wi-Fi and the free use of its Bloomberg terminals with universal charging facilities and other perks.

The introduction of e-passport gates has greatly improved the time factor for arriving passengers.