Places near the City of London for a perfect couple’s selfie

couple’s selfie

Travellers and selfie-takers head to London every day to snap photos in front of the city’s iconic landmarks. If you need a new profile picture or a romantic shot for your travel album, grab your camera and head down to the capital.

Whether you’re planning a weekend away or you and your partner are visiting friends, you’ll never be far from a selfie spot during your time at the Montcalm Hotel London City. Here are a few great backdrops that will add a little extra magic to your couple’s selfie.

Tower Bridge

Take a stroll across London’s most famous bridge to see the sights of the River Thames. The gorgeous towers and blue metalwork make for an iconic photo backdrop that your friends will instantly recognise. Turning your back to the Thames and capturing the winding river as you smile together would also make a great couple’s photo. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your selfies on Tower Bridge, especially if you’re handy with a camera.

The Gherkin

St Mary Axe, London
This rounded glass tower has become one of the most iconic additions to London’s skyline, with hundreds of people visiting every day to take photos and check out the upper-level restaurants. Whether you’re just passing by on your travels through the city or you feel like stopping off for a bite to eat and a look out over the city, a selfie at The Gherkin is a must during your stay at our hotels near London City.

London Wall

Tower Hill, London
Capture a bit of history in the background of your selfie with a trip to one of the city’s oldest sites. The London Wall was built around 200AD by Roman settlers who needed to protect their newly created city of Londinium. Today, there are very few parts of the wall still standing but if you head over to Tower Hill, you can still find a large surviving section. This landmark is often overlooked by tourists but would make for an interesting and original selfie.

Shakespeare’s Globe

New Globe Walk, London
If you’re looking for a romantic spot to take a couple’s selfie, it doesn’t get much better than this. Head over to London’s most famous historical theatre and take a picture in the spot where for centuries couples have declared their undying love. Capture a shot of yourselves standing outside the gorgeous building or head inside on one of the guided tours to walk in the footsteps of Shakespeare’s iconic characters.


Gresham Street, London
Take a stroll over to Gresham Street and snap a selfie in front of this beautiful historic city hall. The structure was built on top of London’s Roman Amphitheatre which can still be seen in the lower levels of Guildhall. Explore the gallery and museum to see some incredible artefacts before heading outside to grab a selfie in front of Guildhall.