business trip

London is one of the world’s leading business cities and a centre for technology, finance and commerce. With hundreds of meeting venues, conference centres and global brand headquarters, the city hosts millions of business travellers every year.

If you’re heading to London for a business trip for the very first time, you might be struggling with what to pack and what to leave at home. British weather is notoriously fickle so planning the contents of your case can be a challenge in itself! Read on for our expert tips, all curated by The Montcalm Royal London House business trip pros.

Maximise your carry-ons

Most airlines allow a carry-on bag ranging from 5 – 10 kgs. Even if you are taking a checked bag too, it’s wise to make use of your carry-on allowance. Store your laptop and tablet plus chargers and travel adaptors in your carry-on, so that your business trip won’t be interrupted if your bag goes missing. This also means you have extra space in your suitcase on the return leg of the journey for some essential London souvenirs.

Mix and match your outfits

Instead of bringing a number of different outfits for each day, choose items of clothing that work well together. For example, pack shoes that go well with a number of your trousers or find skirts and dresses that can be accessorised in different ways. That way you’re able to pack less and wear more. At The Montcalm Royal London House guests can take advantage of a dry cleaning service to ensure clothes are fresh to wear again and again. Even if the primary purpose of your trip is business, packing layers means you’ll have a few off duty looks to turn to and won’t be too hot or cold if the weather changes.

Avoid over packing and take advantage of hotel facilities

Many hotels will offer laundry and dry cleaning services which can be a huge help to those on a business trip, especially if a shirt becomes creased in your bag. This frees up a lot more space in your suitcase. The Home & Dry Package by Montcalm Royal London House is a prime example of the type of service that comes in useful on a business trip. As well as accommodation, WiFi and breakfast guests can also take advantage of dry cleaning two garments.

Pack for all types of weather

Whether you are traveling to London in the summer or winter, it’s important to remember that the weather in the city is temperamental. For example, a summer’s days can be full of rain. This is why it’s important to pack for all weather eventualities. After all, nobody wants to sit through a day of important business meetings after getting caught in a torrential downpour.

A trip to London is perfect for both business and leisure as there are lots of attractions and activities to check out in between meetings and conferences.