Reasons to be addicted to French food in London

Food in London

What makes London unique is its ability to bring together a range of cuisine through an assortment of restaurants. Naturally, if you’re visiting London soon, or planning to for that matter, we encourage you to enjoy the range of cuisine available in the city. You’ll be able to enjoy Brazilian, Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, French food, and much more.

So if you're looking for La crème de la crème, look no further than London. You'll be able to pick from a range of bistros, brasseries, and fine-dining French restaurant. With anything from Michelin-star restaurant to chic cafes, you'll be glad you decided to visit London once you arrive.

Almedia is one of the most affordable French fine dining restaurants, providing excellent value. It can be found close to many of the 5-star hotels in London. Androuet is a Parisian cheese market that specialises in two kinds of fondue; raciette and tartfiette (bacon, onions, and bacon).

The Balthazar London mimics its New York counterpart beautifully, with red leather banquettes, and a giant antiqued mirror wall and mosaic floors. The Boulestin first opened in 1925 and provides speciality French dishes that are slowed cooked and wonderfully tender. The retro restaurants exemplified just how much French restaurants have been part of the capital's setting over the last century.

Whatever you end up during your stay in the city, we invite you to visit at least one French restaurant. Some might argue that nothing than visiting a French restaurant in France, but you'd be surprised by just how close the menus and foods are here. They wouldn't be popular otherwise. So book your stay in London this season, and experienced the bonus of rejoicing in the all the mouthwatering delights available from every corner of the world.

While indulging in food on holiday isn't everything, we most certainly think you'll agree that it adds a special touch to a wonderful holiday. Attractions and experiences are the basis of any great holiday. But without indulgent food and a fabulous accommodation, then a stay in any city will be compromised. Book your stay at the Montcalm this season for an incredible London experience.