Romantic Valentine’s Day strolls for couples at the Montcalm RLH

Romantic Valentine’s Day

Every February, London becomes a hotspot for loved-up couples and hopeful romantics that are in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day experience. They are rarely disappointed by the incredible beauty of the city.

If you’re planning a romantic getaway this year, there’s no better way for you to celebrate your love than by checking out our London hotel packages and booking a room at the Montcalm London City Hotel. Here are a few gorgeous spots to take a stroll this Valentine’s Day.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Churchyard, London

The glimmering white stone of St Paul’s Cathedral has been a beacon of hope in the city for hundreds of years and is a perfect place for you and your loved one to explore while on your romantic city break. The surrounding grounds are amongst the most beautiful and well-kept greeneries in London. The intricate design of the cathedral’s interior will leave you speechless as you hold hands with your partner and make your way through the vast hall. You won’t have far to travel as St Paul’s is right around the corner from the Montcalm London City Hotel.

River Thames

It doesn’t get more romantic than a stroll alongside the country’s most famous waterway. The mighty River Thames snakes through the heart of London and offers visitors a spectacle like no other. As you make your way along the banks of the river, you’ll experience the incredible sights and sounds of the city as you walk past historic landmarks and iconic attractions. If you really want to turn up the romance, wait until the sun goes down before heading out and watch as the lights of the city dance along the top of the river.

Tower of London

St Katharine’s and Wapping, London

Explore the official home of Queen Elizabeth II and walk along the gorgeous grounds of the Tower of London for some of the best views in the city. Take hold of your partner’s hand this Valentine’s Day and explore the medieval tower. Not only will you find a quieter side to London, you will also get a chance to learn more about the history of the iconic structure and the role it played in the evolution of London. If you or your partner enjoy photography, be sure to take your camera along as the Tower of London is a scenic goldmine.

Bethnal Green

Just north of the Square Mile, you’ll find the quiet area of Bethnal Green. The gorgeous residential area is perfect for an early evening stroll. Watch the sun go down between the gorgeous terrace houses as it bounces off the white brickwork and lights up the streets. You’ll feel miles away from the hectic hustle of the busy city streets as you and your partner wander through the quiet streets of Bethnal Green. Be sure to check out the Columbia Road Flower Market and treat your loved one to a bouquet of roses.