What should you see on your last day in London?


As you come to the end of your trip, you’ll hopefully have ticked off much of what you wanted to see in the city. However, there is something to be said for saving the best to last with perfect days out in London made from a combination of the best sites, best food and best spots to relax, you’ll undoubtedly have a list of places you want to visit again or, see for the first time before you need to head back to the hotel and pack your case for the trip home.

If you haven’t yet finalised your plan for your last day in London, here are our suggestions for the ultimate itinerary…

1. Start your day with a good breakfast

Perfect days out in London start with a great breakfast to fuel you up and give you the energy to pack in as much as possible. Head to the Burdock to grab a breakfast to go (helping you fit more into your day) along with a fresh juice or smoothie.

2. Take a street art tour

Walk off that breakfast by squeezing in a morning walking tour. Shoreditch Street Art Tours make it easy to discover the best street art London has to offer – from Bansky to graffiti, this tour is fun and unusual way to spend the morning and the guides will give you lots of great information about the locations, the artists and the culture that powers this urban phenomenon. As an experienced photographer, the guide will also help you take your own snaps to commemorate your time in London.

3. Walk across Tower Bridge

If you’re not too tired after your street art tour, head to Tower Bridge for a final walk with some of London’s most historic architectural landmarks as a backdrop. This is the perfect opportunity to take a few last pictures of the Tower of London and Houses of Parliament.

4. Head into China Town

London has one of the largest China Towns in the world and, it makes the perfect lunch stop. Pick up some Dim Sum as you wander through the town, picking up a few unusual souvenirs as you go.

5. Head to Covent Garden

After China Town, make your way to Covent Garden for a last wonder around the market and cobble stone streets. If you still have some room left in your case, there’s lots of wonderful stalls offering unusual trinkets, arts, crafts and other gifts. There’s also a range of cute coffee shops and bakeries if you need a pit stop after a busy day.

6. The London Eye

Round out your day with a trip to the London Eye. What better way to say goodbye to the city than by seeing it all spread below with a bird’s eye view of your favourite landmarks and tourist attraction? This is a final chance to take some pictures to commemorate your trip, so don’t forget your camera!

There are no shortage of perfect days out in London but, we reckon this itinerary is one of the best.


1. Where can I spend the day in London?

London is a beautiful city and it has some amazing places to visit. But there are few places that are must-visit especially when you have only a day in London. Below they are:

a) St James's Park
b) Westminster Abbey
c) Buckingham Palace
d) Big Ben
e) St. Paul's Cathedral
f) Tower of London
g) Tower Bridge
h) The Shard

2. Is 2 days in London enough?

It is possible to visit London in 2 days. However, there's much more to see in London, so It's suggested to stay longer if you can. These 2 days in London cover all major attractions and ensures you make the most of your time in London.

3. How can I maximize my 24 hours in London?

1. Wake up early
2. Eat healthy breakfast
3. Write down your visiting goals
4. Start visiting major attractions in London
5. Have a good lunch
6. Continue with your goals
7. End your day with a delicious dinner