Sing your heart out at the best Karaoke bars in London

Sing your heart out at the best Karaoke bars in London

London is famous for its nightlife, bars, cafes and restaurants all over the world. Some bars are famous for their music, some are famous for their  selection and invention of drinks, some for their interiors and out-of-the-usual decor and menu. But some bars are famous for the activities they offer- under that category come London’s karaoke bars and restaurants. 

Music connects all and when singing is involved the fun gets merrier and crazier. 

If you are someone travelling to London and enjoy Karaoke singing then you must try a Karaoke bar in the city. Some of the most popular and sought after karaoke bars of London are located in central London. If you want to explore the trending karaoke bars for fun-filled evenings in the city, then you should book yourself a stay at the glamorous Montcalm Hotel London. Located in the heart of the city, the hotel provides easy access to some of the most popular London Karaoke bars. Other than the easy travel, the hotel's contemporary interiors make your stay truly comfortable and relaxing. Its friendly staff and cutting-edge facilities and amenities will make your stay as delightful as it can be.

Karaoke is a fun and interactive means of entertainment that has been a popular feature in clubs and bars for years now. The idea to splay the instrumental version of hit songs, with lyrics being displayed on the screen for you to sing along. It’s a great way to enjoy some songs and have a memorable time with friends and family. It is usually popular in bars to help you loosen up with drinks and sing your heart out with no inhibitions. The best thing about Karaoke is that it serves all, whether you are a bathroom singer, a non-singer or a person with a nightingale’s voice, the aim is to enjoy the music while catching on to the lyrics without any judgements at all. Some people who enjoy singing also have Karaoke kits in their homes too. Feeling the itch to get into a Karaoke session soon, then look out for London city hotel deals so that you are in the close vicinity of Karaoke bars and pubs. 

Lucky Voice

The most popular one in the area, a real karaoke gem, this place is a must visit for karaoke lovers. Lucky voice is also close to a fine selection of restaurants near Finsbury Square. This place is not only a bar, it is a karaoke party. From private booths with dancefloors to open karaoke spaces, the vibe here will make you sing like no one is watching. It’s a great place for celebrations and get-togethers as the private space here can accommodate upto 30 people. An amazing selection of drinks that are served at simply pressing the ‘thirsty’ button. With over 10,000 songs in their catalogue, get ready for a long and fun karaoke night. And if singing is really not your thing then the DJ here will keep your feet tapping. 

The Star of Bethnal Green 

Another star place for Karaoke sessions is the Star of Bethnal Green. Open until midnight, the place is famous for its Karaoke, themed brunches, boozy and other legendary parties. Open until midnight on most weekdays and inutil 2am on weekends, you don't need to worry about time running out here. Just keep enjoying the Karaoke singing.  

Bunga Bunga 

Located in the bustling neighbourhood of Battresea. The karaoke nights here are loaded with mouth watering italian food, over the top entertainment and lots of fun cut loose vibes. Karaoke nights take place on Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays, and spaces tend to get booked quickly here. Pizzas, drinks and non-stop karaoke singing… Hello lovely weekend, here we are. Hotel Montcalm of London city provides easy access to other branches of Bunga Bunga in the city. 

The Old Queen’s Head

Easily accessible from the Angel tube station, this buzzing spot is another amazing place to enjoy Karaoke in London. The private karaoke room here can take upto 15 people and a much larger area can accommodate upto 70 karaoke lovers. Other fun things to do here include table football and some vintage arcade games. 

Leyton Star

On the outside it looks like a regular pub in the city of London bustling for its screens, drinks, nibbles to watch sports, but as you enter the stairs lead you to a Karaoke haven. The Karaoke room, also its name upstairs, offers a great ambience to pick up that mic, select a hit number and kick start your karaoke session. As the anime of the pub suggests, it's located in Leyton.

Karaoke Box

Pimp up your karaoke experience in the ultra-plush neighbourhood of Mayfair. If you are looking for a fancy Karaoke experience, then this is the place. Offering a lovely selection of Karaoke rooms along with delectable food and drinks that allows you to hire a private place with friends and family or meet new people while singing away some forever hit songs. Mayfair is one the most high-end areas of London, so who knows you could be singing your heart out with a celebrity or big shot. 

All Star Lanes

The most popular chain of activity and entertainment centre is All Star Lanes. You can easily find them all over London. Primarily known for its bowling alley, it also attracts crowds for its karaoke rooms in White City and Brick Lane branches. From classics to latest hits their karaoke song collection has it all. Bookings here are available at affordable prices. So if you are on a budget or don’t want to spend too much on a karaoke night, then it is a great affordable option for you. Designed on an authentic American diner theme, you can enjoy a great selection of drinks (the pina coladas are a must try here) and American diner food here. If you are trying Karaoke with family and kids, then this place is a great option. Make the night memorable by posing in their funky photo booth and take some unforgettable memories with you.