Splashing the cash: The best things to do and places to shop when your pockets are fuller than usual


If you’re fortunate enough to find yourself in our capital city with a wallet full of cash then you’ll find a vast plethora of things to keep you entertained. London is a dream in terms of variety, meaning that whether you’re a solo traveller seeking a thrill or a family group looking for an entertaining weekend, you’re never going to run out of places to splash your cash. Read on for some of our best choices for burning a hole in your wallet during your travels in our capital.

Take a trip to Oxford Street

Chances are that if you’re looking to splash your cash then you may already be staying at a hotel with luxurious spa packages in London like our Montcalm Royal London City Hotel. Why not compliment your relaxing spa break with a new wardrobe of expensive clothes? This enormous shopping arena is home to a massive selection of fashion retailers, with some of the most desirable shops in the world calling Oxford Street their home.

If you’re looking for an edgy, trendy look then the Urban Outfitters and the All Saints stores should be your first ports of call. Alternatively, if you want to splash out on sportswear then you’ll be thrilled to know that Oxford Street is home to Niketown, which is the sporting giant’s flagship UK store housing the largest sports clothing and footwear department in Europe.

Take a tour in a Rolls Royce

If you’re in the mood for truly living the high life then this should be one of the first things to do on your trip. Nothing exudes money and opulence quite like a gleaming Rolls Royce, and if you’re willing to sacrifice a chunk of your money you can take a chauffeured ride around the City of London in a Rolls Royce Phantom.

Having a driver take you around our capital leaves you free to enjoy the true grandeur of the vehicle and lounge back in seats made with the most expensive of materials. Don’t forget to make everyone jealous of your cash-splashing trip by sharing it on social media through the free, on-board Wi-Fi.

Dine on a Glamburger

You said you’re looking to splash the cash, right? Once you’ve kitted out your wardrobe with a plethora of high-end fashion items and taken a tour around London in one of the most luxurious vehicles on the planet, you’re likely to be feeling a bit hungry. If you want to dine in the same vein as your previous activities then it’s time for you to hit Honky Tonk for a Glamburger.

These are the very pinnacle of the burger world, with each masterpiece costing over £1000. The Glamburger is made from 220g of Kobe Wagyu beef minced with 60g of New Zealand Venison and smothered in Himalayan Salt. If that hasn’t already got your taste buds watering, you’ll be pleased to know that the Glamburger is topped off with the finest caviar, bacon, lobster, eggs and vegetables for an amalgamation of flavour that backs up its hefty price tag.