Stanley Kubrick – the exhibition – what to expect

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Stanley Kubrick remains one of the leading lights of 20th century cinema, with a catalogue of film-making classics spanning decades, and which helped to truly revolutionise everything from special effects to dramatic (and sometimes controversial) storytelling. This exhibition from the Design Museum is dedicated to Kubrick's work and artistry. Here's what to expect on your visit...

What is Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition?

This exhibition has already won considerable acclaim whilst touring overseas, but has now arrived in London, and provides room upon room of incredible insight into the life and work of Stanley Kubrick. Starting out as a photographer, Kubrick soon discovered a love of film-making which lasted a lifetime. This exhibition, situated within easy reach of Montcalm hotels London, gives a real chance to learn what made Kubrick create in the way that he did.

Born and raised in the USA, the auteur spent the latter years of his life living and working in the UK – and after already appearing everywhere from South Korea to Germany, the exhibition is finally on home soil. Twenty years after Kubrick's death, this is a fitting tribute to the man and his life's work.

What will I see at the exhibition?

The creators of the Stanley Kubrick exhibition have really gone the extra mile in designing a fascinating, extensive walk through of his creative process, with everything from major props to costumes featured in classics such as 2001: A Space Odyssey and Clockwork Orange. Kubrick's work was as varied as it was prolific, and nowhere is this more evident than at the exhibition.

We would highly recommend spending a few hours browsing through the displays on offer, as there is a great deal to explore as you venture into the world-building talent which helped to dominate and transform film forever, before celebrating with a meal at Finsbury Square restaurants.

Key highlights to look out for include the special lenses created for shooting Barry Lyndon, as well as set-pieces drawn from horror-classic The Shining. Visitors can even pose for selfies at a recreation of the famous bathroom door which Jack Nicholson attacked during the film. As an added bonus, you'll also have the chance to get closer to Kubrick's own director's chair.

Who can attend the exhibition?

Everyone is welcome, though the exhibition has a general age guidance of 12+ due to the nature of some of Kubrick's work, which often covered decidedly adult themes. Some of the screening rooms at the exhibit will be playing clips from films with an 18+ rating, so this is worth taking into consideration while planning your trip during your stay at Montcalm Hotels London.

When does the exhibition close?

Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition will run from now until 15th September 2019, providing plenty of time to head for London and see it for yourself. Advance booking is highly recommended to avoid disappointment. Becoming a member of the Design Museum community ensures free access and queue-jumping.