Take a solo tour of London

London View

If you are footloose and love travelling to exciting new destinations, London is the place to visit. You could have a whale of a time as single traveller and do whatever you fancy in this charming city. While it may be great to book a tour and have a pre-planned itinerary, the fact is when you travel solo and do not restrict yourself to a schedule, it can be a far more exciting experience. Of course the only area where you need to ensure to plan, are your hotel reservations. Do not expect to land up in the city and hunt for accommodation at the last minute. London is out of the most visited tourist destinations with millions of visitors every year, so it is prudent to make your hotel reservations in advance.

Solo travellers and backpackers are becoming a force to reckon with. As per a study carried out by Millward Brown, around 24 percent solo travellers went on overseas vacations in 2015. Of these quite many were women solo travellers. Here are a few tips when you plan to travel alone to London:

You could begin by opting for a guided bus tour which will help you get your bearings. It is the most convenient and cost-effective way and will ensure you see the most prominent attractions in the city. It also helps to have the same departure and arrival point in the city. There are various hop-on and hop-off tours, which would enable you to explore areas of your interest at leisure and at your own pace. You could take a Thames River Cruise, which is a cool way to explore the many attractions along the route.

Download a map on your cell phone which will make it easier to travel from one location to another. There are several economical international cellular plans available and choose one that suits your needs and budget. You could buy a cheap unlocked phone and get a local SIM card, which will help to lower communication and data charges while in London.

The London Underground is one of the most convenient and safest ways to get around the city. It will take you to all corners of the city without having to spend a fortune. And while in London get yourself a Visitors Oyster Card which can be used on most of the public transport networks in London. It will help you to save substantially on travel costs in the city.

London is the ideal city for solo travel. There is a wide variety of accommodation that is comfortable and economical to stay at. Whether you stay at a B&B or a budget hotel there are lot of options to select from. From shopping to entertainment, culture to dining, London has the best to experience and enjoy on a trip to this magnificent city!