A tech-lover’s guide to London City


London is one of the big three for technology start-ups, so if you or your loved ones don’t fancy touring Silicon Valley, the capital might be a better bet. With so many businesses becoming internet-based, and video blogging becoming a career choice for teens and 20-somethings around the UK, there’s plenty to see!

Candy is King

Soho’s shed its 80s reputation and has emerged as possibly the busiest shopping district in the UK. However, tucked down an offshoot of Oxford Street, there’s a surprise to be had. It’s not that there are three Starbucks on one road, but rather that one of the biggest players on the app scene is based here.

King, makers of Candy Crush, the addictive game that involves matching colourful sweets, is the number one grossing app within the App Store. Players have a limited number of lives, which refresh every 30 minutes, but can buy more lives or items to help them beat the level if they want.

Their HQ is based in Wardour Street, with a giant board that ‘plays’ Candy Crush facing onto the street!

Silicon Roundabout

Close to The Montcalm Royal London House you can find Silicon Roundabout, otherwise known as East London Tech City. Among the big players to have invested here are Facebook, Tweet Deck, Amazon, and Google—who have opened a campus for entrepreneurs nearby in Bonhill Street. This building, which is known as Campus London, encourages tech fiends to get together and solve problems.

They also host events, speakers, classes, and mentoring for those who want to make their business even better.

It’s not just Google moving in; the makers of Snapchat, Snap Inc., have recently announced they’re coming to London too.

YouTube Space

If you have a YouTuber in the family, they’ll love visiting London’s YouTube Space. Different from YouTube headquarters, this space is purely for creators who want to learn more. Not only does the YouTube Space in London have a production facility for creators to make incredible videos, they also host workshops and events on everything from learning how to best edit your videos to how to use an industry standard camera.

Many famous channels on YouTube have made videos here, so any fans of certain vloggers should hang around and see if they encounter anyone they recognise.

Tech City Tour

If you want to know all the secrets, though—like how tech companies can guess you’re looking for hotel packages London and can figure out where you’re booking your next holiday—take one of the few Tech City Walking Tours available in London.

You’ll tour co-working spaces, pop-up spaces and creative spaces, learn about the place Bitcoin has in the UK economy, find out why people could work from home but instead of coming to Silicon roundabout, and much more.

Finishing at Campus London, this tour will be an energetic way to get your blood and brain moving, and who knows? You might even come away with a killer app idea.