Things to do in London this Summer 2020


If you’re visiting London in Summer 2020, then you’ll never be short of things to do and see. From fantastic upcoming events to activities which are simply better enjoyed in the warmer weather, here’s our round-up of some of the best experiences for those staying in the city this summer…

Watch the sunset on the London Eye

One of the very best ways to see more of the city this summer, a trip on the London Eye at sunset can be a pretty dramatic experience. This enormous Ferris wheel was originally designed to be temporary, but is still going strong 20 years later.

Since then, millions of people have flocked to its viewing pods, eager to take a 30-minute spin and see London’s scenery and architecture from above. We recommend booking your own trip at sunset so you can take some incredible photos during the trip, or if you’d prefer to make the experience extra-special, book a private pod and a glass of champagne.

Warm summer nights will be given a boost by enjoying this fantastic attraction, so be sure to give it a try while staying at Montcalm Hotel London.

Travel along the Thames

The River Thames is London’s scenic waterway, so unsurprisingly it forms the backdrop for some of the city’s best events and activities. The summer months are the ideal time to get out on the water and experience the Thames for yourself.

Whether you’re a fan of high octane sports who wants to travel the river at high speed, or you’d prefer to take in the sights at a more leisurely pace, there’s plenty for you to enjoy during your visit.

Some of the best options include a speedboat ride with an instructor, where you’ll be able to zap past some of the major landmarks in the city. Alternatively, you can opt for a leisurely boat trip or charter along the Thames, perhaps adding a meal or a few drinks as you photograph the scenery.

Whatever you choose, the Thames is a great place to be in the summer, and you’ll soon discover a variety of different ways to make the experience your own.

Have a picnic in a Royal Park

London is filled with stunning parks and green spaces, each of which have their own unique character. Some are smaller communal areas built around private properties, while others are large, sprawling Royal Parks which are now open to the public.

Picnics are an ever-popular activity during the summer sunshine, and there’s so many different ways to find your own perfect picnic spot, or build your own perfect picnic. We particularly recommend heading for areas such as Primrose Hill, which offers incredible local views. Alternatively, Hyde Park is one of the city’s busiest park areas (particularly in summer) but you should still be able to find space to relax and unwind.

When it comes time to build your picnic, you can either buy everything pre-prepared or instead build a picnic thanks to the huge variety of incredible eateries around the city. Particular hotspots include Fortnum & Mason, which is beloved by the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family.

See a West End show

London’s West End is amongst its most enduring cultural icons. Here you can experience a world of fantastic staged entertainment, including everything from drama to comedy and musicals (and everything in-between).

Whether you’re a budding performer yourself or simply appreciate great acting skill, the West End offers some of the best opportunities to experience dramatic talent at its finest. There are lots of different ways to make sure you see a show, which can be adapted to suit your tastes and circumstances.

If you’re spontaneous, then you can simply head to the box office of a venue which appeals when it comes time to see a show. If you’d rather make sure you have your tickets in advance, they can be booked online. We would strongly recommend pre-booking whenever possible, as this will help you get the best seats and avoids disappointment with some of the biggest shows in town.

A trip to the London theatre can be a superb supplementary activity for anyone who is also staying at one of the top spa hotels in London, providing a trip filled with pampering and fantastic entertainment.

Attend a Summer festival

London is also noted for its plentiful summer festivals, which make full use of some of the top destinations in the city. We particularly recommend heading to areas such as Hyde Park, which hosts the annual British Summer Time Festival.

Festivals in and around London can centre on everything from music, to art, to fashion – so there is sure to be an event which seems custom made for your interests. To ensure you’re in the city during your favoured festival, be sure to research dates and times before booking.

This will help give you the best shot at attending some of the most coveted events the city has to offer, and prevents you from missing out or having to defer the fun. Festivals are one of the many reasons why so many people flock to London during summer, and you can make sure you have a great place to stay by checking in at the Montcalm Hotel London.

Visit a London market

Londoners love a great market, and if you plan on visiting in the summer, chances are you’ll find yourself visiting at least one of them during your stay.

There are markets for almost every occasion, with some of the most popular ones offering you the chance to buy everything from antiques to clothing, handmade crafts and flowers.

Columbia Road Flower Market is a riot of colour and aromas throughout the year, but it really comes alive in the summer. Likewise, Brick Lane and its eclectic selection of markets prove to be particularly popular as soon as the sun comes out in the summer.