Things to do with your mum on this Mother’s Day

Mothers Day

It is a fact: there is simply nobody like a mum! She is the most special person in the world and the bond we share with her is like nothing else. From nurturing to mentoring you, she has been with you every step of your life from birth to adulthood. From being somebody you could turn to in every situation in life to being your best friend, a mum is truly the most special person in the world. So this Mother’s Day 2016, why not make the most important woman in your life feel really special! How about spending quality time just with mum and making her day exciting and memorable, by planning a few activities that will further strengthen the bond you share. A few tips to make this Mother’s Day unforgettable are:

Watch a few movies together: There is nothing like getting a few DVD’s and watching classics or whatever genre of movies mum prefers. You could choose to sit at home and watch a marathon session of movies or take mum out to a swanky movie hall, followed by dinner at a fine restaurant. Either way it would be fun to spend time together.

Take her on a sumptuous lunch date: Even if you cannot spend the whole day together, plan to take her out to a trendy restaurant on a lunch date. It would save the bother of cooking and clearing up after the meal! Great food complemented by some classy wine in a luxurious ambience would really make it a special afternoon!

Take her on a shopping spree: For a good part of your life mum shopped for you! How about changing things around and taking her on a shopping spree. Take her to Harrods or any other high end shopping outlet or even introduce her to high fashion haute couture at any of the fine shops at Mayfair. It would be a terrific way to show her you care by getting her something really classy, which would give any fashionista a run for their money!

Get her some heavy duty pampering at a luxury spa: Another cool way to make mum feel really special would be to book an appointment for the both of you at any of the fine luxury spas in London. It would help her to unwind and leave her refreshed and reinvigorated after a relaxed day at the spa. Whether she chooses to go in for a massage or just indulge herself in some aromatherapy, it would be a great way to spend this special day together.

Help her do something she's not good at: Even mum’s have their weaknesses, despite always being a pillar of strength for her kids and family. So whether it is helping her to become a bit more tech savvy on using the Internet or setting up a social media account on Facebook or Twitter, help her do something she is not too great at.  You owe it to mum!