Three iconic sights not to be missed on your next stay at Montcalm Royal London City

Buckingham Palace

London is a city of many contrasts, with some of the most iconic buildings and attractions in the world and an old meets new tapestry of architecture. For those with an action-packed itinerary, we've compiled this guide to the three most important sights not to be missed during your next stay.

Buckingham Palace

For many people, as soon as they think of the UK, they think of the royal family and Buckingham Palace is the most iconic of all the royal buildings in the city. As well as being the official residence of the Queen, Buckingham Palace is a major location regularly used for state dinners and banquets, as well as other major events.

The state rooms are opened to the public each summer, but even outside of these months it's well worth a visit. The exterior might only be visible behind gates, but you can see such sights as the daily changing of the guard or the yearly Trooping the Colour celebrations, as well as other events in the country's royal calendar.

Whether you're a royal enthusiast or simply want to take a peek at the UK's iconic culture, this is a great place to start. To pamper yourself like a royal after your visit, remember to head to the Montcalm Royal London Spa and indulge in some of the great treatments on offer.

Shakespeare's Globe

Arguably the UK's most iconic writer, Elizabethan playwright William Shakespeare was a London mainstay during his glittering career – and the Globe was the staging ground for his most iconic works. Restored and maintained to its former glory by a dedicated team, Shakespeare's Globe closely resembles the original structure, helping you step back in time while watching a Shakespeare play or finding out more about the writer, his life and contemporary figures.

Once you get into the spirit of the venue, you'll gain insight into the way people watched Shakespeare's work centuries ago, thanks to the open-air staging of the Globe itself. An experience you'll always remember while taking advantage of our London hotels special offers.

Westminster Abbey

The site of royal coronations, the resting place of some of the UK's most iconic figures, and a stunning historic venue in itself, Westminster Abbey is a winning addition to anyone's visit to London.

A splendid mixture of architectural styles, Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful buildings in London, and provides a great deal to explore. It continues to be an active place of worship, and plays a key role in the UK's royal traditions, perhaps most notably in recent years, having been the location chosen for the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

As a World Heritage Site, the abbey hosts events throughout the year to learn more about the venue, and even has its own shop for you to pick up a few mementos of your trip.