Top 4 scenic jogging routes near the Square Mile


As we enter the New Year, people everywhere will be looking to fulfil their resolutions by getting into shape and shedding their holiday weight. Luckily, those travelling to London are spoilt for choice when it comes to scenic jogging routes.

If you're looking for a luxury hotel Finsbury Square where you can relax after a hectic holiday season, detox and begin your fresh new workout regime, The Montcalm Royal London House is the perfect place to be. Here are just a few of the great places where you can go jogging while enjoying the best of London’s sights.

River Thames

London's famous waterway boasts some of the city's most popular and iconic attractions but it is also one of the most scenic places for jogger and walkers to break a sweat. After enjoying a filling and healthy breakfast at The Montcalm Royal London House, lace up your trainers and head down to the bank of the Thames. Look out over the peaceful waters and the vibrant city as you make your way across the famous London Bridge. Circle back around and jog over the eye-catching Millennium Bridge to complete your circuit. This is a unique route that every jogger or walker will love.

Shoreditch Park

Travel slightly north from the City of London and you'll find one of the capital's hidden green gems and a perfect place to burn a few calories.

Shoreditch Park is by no means the biggest of London's green spaces and it is certainly not the most famous, but it's those reasons that make it such a great place to escape and go for a peaceful jog. You won't find hordes of tourists but you will find open fields and natural scenery to enjoy on your early morning or late afternoon run.

St Katharine Docks

There are few places in London that fall under the description of serene but if you head out early enough, you will find peace, quiet and beauty around St Katharine Docks. The Docks have been a place of trade for years and offer great views of the city and River Thames.

Gaze at all kinds of ships and vessels as you stride alongside the water's edge on your early morning run. This is a great way to start the day and offers an alternative look at London.

London Wall

Not everyone likes running through fields and not everyone feels the need to escape the busy streets when they head out on their run. If you fancy yourself to be more of an urban runner and you feel more motivated by the bustling streets and neon lights of the city, there are plenty of great places within the Square Mile. London Wall is at the heart of the city and runs through one of the most vibrant and colourful areas in town. Wait until the sun goes down, pop your earphones in and set off down the famous street for an urban run like no other.