The top 4 scenic sights within walking distance of the Montcalm

scenic sights

When it comes to iconic landmarks and scenic views, nowhere in the world compares to London. The city is packed full of architectural treasures and hidden spots that can be found around every corner and backstreet of the city.

If you want to see all of the scenic beauty that London has to offer, you can find plenty of incredible sights around our hotels near Finsbury Square London. You often find the best things in London when you explore on foot so here are some of the best spots within walking distance of the Montcalm Hotel London.

Millennium Bridge

Thames Embankment, London

The Millennium Bridge is one of London’s newest architectural additions but has quickly become one of the hottest tourist spots in the city thanks to its appearance on blockbuster films like Harry Potter. The unique steel suspension bridge was designed by architect, Norman Foster and provides a beautiful contrast against the ancient brickwork of Central London. As you walk across the footbridge, you’ll also get some great views of the mighty River Thames so be sure to bring your camera along on your trip to the Montcalm Hotel London.

St Paul’s Cathedral

St Paul’s Churchyard, London

Built in the 17th century, St Paul’s Cathedral still remains to be one of London’s most beautiful buildings. The medieval architecture has been admired by tourists and photographers for centuries and is a must-see if you’re planning a stroll around the city. As you get closer to St Paul’s Churchyard, you’ll see the iconic white dome stretching up above the greys of the city. As you step inside the cathedral, you’ll be left speechless by the intricate beauty of the golden ceiling and ancient art that covers the inner walls.

River Thames

London’s famous river has been a gateway into the city for centuries and has given inspiration to artists and writers throughout history. No trip to London would be complete without visiting the River Thames and the best way to experience it is by taking a stroll alongside its banks. Make your way from the Montcalm Hotel London and head south until you reach the water. The great thing about the River Thames is that no matter where you start your journey, there are always plenty of wonderful things to see and people to meet.

Golden Lane Estate

A short walk north of the Montcalm RLH will put you in the centre of the Golden Lane Estate, one of London’s most scenic areas. If you enjoy the quiet beauty of the city’s residential areas, there’s nothing better than a walk through the Golden Lane Estate. The area boasts a mixture of open green spaces, beautiful architecture and artistic institutions. As you roam through the quaint streets, stop by the Museum of London to browse thousands of historic artefacts or check out the Barbican Centre to see what shows are coming up this month.