Top 5 places to buy children’s clothes


Kids aren’t satisfied these days with hand-me-downs from older siblings. They want what’s cool, new and fashionable, and when the shops at home simply won’t do, there’s nothing for it but to head to the fashion capital of the UK: London.

Here you’ll find designer kid’s wear, as well as mini versions of adult favourites, like Doc Marten boots or Acne t-shirts.

Bob and Blossom, Bethnal Green

Not far from the Hotel Montcalm London City or our other hotels Old Street London, lies Bob and Blossom. This isn’t just a clothes shop—how many kids do you know who’d be happy to browse for hours in a shop that you could find in Westfield? It’s also a toy shop, with snuggly knitted animals, toy cars, traditional toys like spinning tops and old-fashioned sweeties.

It’s only open on Saturdays and Sundays, but does clothes for babies and toddlers alike. There’s a whole selection of tutus and party skirts for the kid who just loves to look her best, baby all-in-ones and hats as well as t-shirts, and everything comes lovingly presented.

Caramel Baby and Child, Kensington

Caramel does natural looks, and their baby and child range is just as stylish as their grown-up clothing. They go for effortless and understated looks with attention to detail, and some of their clothes—like rompers and embroidered baby dresses—wouldn’t look out of place on a vintage postcard. They’ve got plenty of options and an online shop, so even when you’re back in your hotel room at Hotel Montcalm London City you can browse for deals you might have missed.

Gently Elephant, Peckham

Specialising in children’s shoes along with toys and clothing, Gently Elephant goes for the bold and simple looks that kids most often love. They don’t just look good—they’re practical too, with soles to let in water and help it drain away too, without making the shoe degrade.

Kids will adore their brightly coloured basics which really celebrate them being kids and letting them run, jump and play with ease.

Elias and Grace, Primrose Hill

Elias and Grace is for the very smart set. It was once a maternity clothing shop, but has now shifted to children’s fashion. Each piece is hand-selected by the owner, who works in other kinds of clothing from her favourite children’s fashion brands. It’s a real fantasy wardrobe for any child, and her looks can’t be shopped online—they can only be seen in person or in the pages of Vogue.

Purple Shop Shoreditch, Shoreditch

PS Kidwear, as Purple Shop is known, has hand-designed and hand-produced clothing for sale. All of it is made in their East London Studio, available for toddlers and babies to tweens. Everything is organic and ethically sourced and produced, perfect for the eco-conscious parent who wants to make sure that their children like what they’re wearing. From shoes to leggings, t-shirts and skirts, even dresses and jeans, PS Kidwear have a great sense of style.