Top things to do around Guildhall this season


Anyone that has travelled around the City of London may be familiar with Guildhall. The ancient town hall is a perfect example of the beautiful architecture that can be found around London and is located close to a range of exciting attractions.

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Guildhall Art Gallery

Guildhall Yard, London

This is one of the many undiscovered art houses that often get overlooked by tourists rushing to famous places such as the National Gallery. If you’re a fan of art and you’re hoping to experience London’s rich culture, head over to the Guildhall Art Gallery to discover a world of creativity. It is home to the official collection of the City of London which includes a wide selection of rare pieces by artists such as John Singleton. The building itself is a work of art and was developed in the late 90s to replace the previous gallery, which was lost during the bombing runs of the Second World War.

London’s Roman Amphitheatre

Guildhall Yard, London

Take a trip back in time and discover one of the most iconic structures from London’s past. During the time when the ancient Romans ruled the streets of the capital, they built many things that are still standing today, including the Amphitheatre. The breathtaking structure was discovered in 1988 after years of searching and is now open to the public as one of the most insightful exhibits in the country. Learn all about the history of the amphitheatre and discover how what started out as a modest wooden structure was upgraded to a grand venue that housed over 6000 spectators.

City of London Police Museum

Aldermanbury, London

London’s boys in blue have been patrolling the streets of the city for hundreds of years and now you can learn more about their rich history at the official City of London Police Museum. The institute boasts a wide collection of memorabilia that explores the development and evolution of the London Police. Some of the most popular exhibitions include a look at one of Jack the Rippers’ victims, bomb damage during the Blitz and a log of Catherine Eddowes’ final hours. The museum regularly hosts events and exhibitions throughout the year so be sure to check ahead and plan your trip.

London Wall

Not everyone is aware that London was once named Londinium and was the first major settlement of ancient Roman invaders that laid roots in Britain. During that time, the area of southern England was riddled with conflict and so the Romans built a wall around what is now known as the City of London to protect themselves from outside forces. Large sections of this wall can still be found around the outskirts of the Quarter Mile. The wall is a great photo opportunity and offers a chance to look into London’s rich history.