The most unique bars in London


Nightlife means a great deal to Londoners, which is why you’ll find such a rich variety (and number) of fantastic bars and clubs. In amongst these venues there are plenty of distinctive, unique spaces which attract a fun-seeking clientele.

Whether you’re looking for a historical bar, somewhere you can try new and exciting drinks, or simply a bar with a unique theme – London has it all.

Here’s a few of our favourites for you to try on your next trip to the UK capital…


With oodles of character and a certain rustic charm, Megaro is a delightful bar in Kings Cross. One of the really appealing things about this particular bar is its experienced staff, who have been encouraged to get creative with their creations.

This means the menu is filled with unique drinks which you won’t find anywhere else, using signature finishing touches to put a new spin on old classics whilst simultaneously forging new and unusual drink options.

A major highlight is the Borsch Mary cocktail, which has been made using the hot sauce which the venue is famous for. In addition, there’s equally unique cinema-style seats where you can kick back and relax, alongside a number of portraits which add even more appeal and quirkiness to an already original venue.


This unique bar seems to transport visitors all the way back to the 1920s – and 1920s Havana, to be precise. The entire bar is focused on instilling a sense of fun and adventure in its patrons, something which can be seen everywhere from the happy and enthusiastic staff to the quirky interior décor.

If you want somewhere that’s seemingly custom designed for parties and fun times with friends, then this is the ideal place to go while staying at your Montcalm hotel.

Adventure Bar

As the name of this bar might suggest, a trip to Adventure Bar at Clapham Junction is all about adventure!

It’s a unique and frankly rather outlandish sort of place, with elaborate and contrasting décor and bizarre furnishings. Part futuristic, part traditional, there’s plenty of art dotted around the walls and lots of finds which seem custom made to spark conversation with fellow patrons.

There’s also much more to the space than meets the eye. Far from simply offering cocktails, Adventure Bar also provides you with an array of delicious dishes which can be paired with your drinks. While enjoying the latest London hotels special offers, we can think of no better place for you to start your evening out in truly unique style.

Calooh Callay

An East London favourite, Calooh Callay is every bit as unique as you might expect from a bar which chooses this title. The venue has won a large number of awards, thanks in large part to its sheer dedication to eccentricity and fun.

Themed after the work of Lewis Carroll (and most prominently, Alice in Wonderland), its a great place to get away from city life and commune with an eccentric crowd who are drawn to this dazzling space. In addition to the bar, there’s also an area where you can dine in comfort and privacy, helping to add some extra exclusivity to your trip to the Montcalm Hotel London.


A rich combination of global influences and exotic design features, Oriole is a fantastic location for fans of a great cocktail. The drinks menu has been inspired from far-flung destinations around the world, helping to create a suitably impressive selection!

In addition, there’s regular live music nights which are just as diverse as the drinks on offer, and sure to get you in the mood for a great evening out.

Cereal Killer Cafe

Based in Brick Lane, Cereal Killer has become famous in London for their vintage-themed cafes, which generally involve a distinctive 90S style. They’ve now branched out into cereal-inspired drinks, with a range of cocktails at the venue sure to give you plenty of nostalgic feelings.

If you’re eager to try something truly original while taking a trip down memory lane, then this is the ideal space to do so. Expect to find plenty of equally nostalgic patrons, a menu which is matched in its creativity only by its uniqueness, and a range of classic songs on the airwaves.

In addition, Cereal Killer is a fantastic space where you can enjoy an arcade game or two!

Crazy Bear Fitzrovia

Fans of cocktails and fine fining will find much to enjoy about Crazy Bear Fitzrovia, which is one of the city’s most decadent spaces. With its distinctive red velvet décor and its dedication to all things romantic, this would be a particularly great place to share a few drinks on a date or sample delicious dishes in great surroundings.

The cocktail menu has gained particular acclaim thanks to its variety and luxury, which are sure to make even the finest spa breaks in London that bit extra-special.

Little Nan’s

Based in Deptford, Little Nan’s is a decidedly original venue which has been dedicated to grandmothers. It’s designed to look like a vintage living room, complete with antique sofas and cocktails which are served direct from a teapot.

As the staging ground for many unforgettable evenings out, this space is also particularly well-regarded by those looking for truly unusual spaces, as this is something which Little Nan’s offers in abundance.


This Shoreditch bar is lesser known amongst visitors to the UK capital, yet it’s still one of the best spaces in the city for enjoying a few drinks. The team behind Found have worked hard to curate a menu which includes only twelve signature cocktails. This is only made possible thanks to the dedication and commitment of everyone working here.

Don’t expect a grand setting, as this is far lower key than that. However, Found does offer a suitably unique place to spend the evening, and a speakeasy style which is all its own.