Unusual places to visit in London

History of London

While it is normal to visit the more prominent attractions when on holiday it is also a good idea to go off-the-beaten-path occasionally, as that is the time you will discover hidden parts that are equally interesting to explore. The little alleys and concealed cafes which are not to be found in a standard guidebook, hold a lot of history and culture of a city and should be a part of your travel itinerary when on a holiday. While London is known for its prominent tourist sites there is plenty hidden within corners and sections of the city, which are worth exploring!

If you have planned a trip to London this autumn and want to enjoy a relaxed holiday, how about staying at any of the spa hotels in London? The city has some fabulous spa hotels and there is no better way to spend a holiday than being pampered and indulging yourself to enjoy some well-deserved rest and relaxation.

Once such great spa hotel is the Montcalm hotel London, which is suitably priced while offering the best of comforts and service you can expect from a budget hotel. Once you are done with absorbing the grandeur of the famous historical sites and spending quality time at the spa, try something offbeat for a change! You could visit some of the more unusual and off beats locations and attractions in the city like:

The hidden spots of East London: East London could be described as a section of alternate culture and art in the city. It is a pretty bohemian place known for its artsy environment and is littered with plenty of quaint cafes, vintage stores and magical bookshops. Apart from Brick Lane and Shoreditch which are very popular with visitors and tourists to the area, in fact both can become over crowded with tourists. Two alternate cool places to hang out are Dalston and Hackney. They are the more upcoming neighbourhoods as bohemian as any other part of East London. There are plenty of cheap take-away joints unusual cafes, designer boutiques, retro salons and of course loads of street art (out of the best) in this part of the city. There is the lovely little Wilton Way Cafe that lies concealed in an alley of Hackney, and is just the spot to escape to from the noisy surroundings of Shoreditch. A wonderful cafe with great music it is the place to spend a leisurely evening at!

Offbeat Bars: While London is home to some of the finest bars in the country there are some offbeat bars to grab a tipple in London as well.

Nothing quite matches up to enjoying a traditional locally brewed beer or a good ol’ English cider, while chatting up with the locals at a friendly pub in the neighbourhood! However, if you want a more unusual experience there are plenty of offbeat bars to be found in the city which include-

  1. a) Callooh Callay: It is difficult to exactly describe what makes the place so special, is it the name or its zany Alice-in-Wonderland theme, or simply its fabulous cocktails.  The entrance is unique indeed being through a secret Victorian wardrobe - and that is just for starters!

 1. b) Cellar Door: It is a rather discreet little bar that although is situated in Central London it is still quite unknown again because of its concealed entrance. This bar has a distinct feel and atmosphere of its own, which could be best described as the 1930’s Berlin that is in sync with a New York basement boozing joint. They have uniquely flavoured snuff with some great burlesque and cabaret performances that makes it a swell place to spend an evening at. While there is no admission charge, you need to reach early to avoid being disappointed.

Entertainment: Once you are done with the city’s fabled West End and are keen to hang out at some cool places in the city, drop in at the Magic Hour. There are some fabulous magical performances courtesy of master magician Tony Middleton, which will leave you spellbound for sure. There is the Magic Hour that is held in a exclusive drawing room near Hyde Park, which certainly adds to its Victorian charm. The magic tricks of Tony will leave you in awe with his amazing sleight of hand and classic Victorian illusions where objects disappear, spirits from the nether world appear and it seems that time comes to a standstill.  A terrific place to enjoy an evening of alternate entertainment!

From unusual vintage shop to retro music cafes there are plenty of offbeat spots in London. The best way to find them is to speak to the locals or just scour online for the coolest lesser known areas to explore while in London.