Upcoming shows at Shakespeare’s Globe that you won’t want to miss

Shakespeare’s Globe

The iconic Shakespeare’s Globe is without a doubt one of London’s most famous theatres. Although the new location has not been around long, the legacy of the Globe itself stretches back hundreds of years and has witnessed an array of iconic performances.

Theatre lovers heading to our hotels near Old Street Station this month will be delighted to hear that you are not more than a stone’s throw away from this historic venue. Before heading back to the Montcalm Hotel London for a relaxing evening, be sure to check out one of these upcoming sell-out events.

The Captive Queen

2 Feb – 4 March 2018

Time catches up with all of us, even the richest and most important people in the world. This is the theme that runs through the heart of this insightful and inspiring tale of love, woe and regret. Follow the story of an ageing emperor and his governor as they try to fight against the tides of time and regain their youthfulness in the pursuit of love from the same young queen. If you’re in search of entertainment during your trip to the Montcalm Hotel London, The Captive Queen features, fun, excitement and drama. With a talented cast, incredible score and brilliant script, this is a must-see.

Much Ado About Nothing

24 Feb – 20 Mar 2018

When you mention the name Shakespeare, children all over the world often conjure up images of boring classrooms and endless pages of words they can’t understand. This wonderfully playful performance could not be further from this. Much Ado About Nothing is one of the few comedic plays written by Shakespeare and has been given a fresh new look by the talented actors at the Globe Theatre. This is a great way to spend an afternoon or evening if you’re travelling with kids. It is sure to get them interested in the theatre and have them laughing and giggling along.

Globe Tour

Multiple dates

Discover the rich history behind this breathtakingly beautiful theatre and learn more about the people that have performed on the most prestigious stage in the country. Go behind the scenes and explore areas of the theatre that are ordinarily closed to the public. Listen to fun stories and interesting anecdotes as you follow your guide around the grounds and walk along the same stage boards that performers from all around the world have walked along.

The Little Match Girl

30 Nov, 2017 – 21 Apr, 2018

This unique production is a culmination of a range of different stories, all of which are told by the life-saving candlelight of the main protagonist. The homeless heroine fights for survival through the night with nothing more than a box of matches and a long list of anecdotal tales. The play is based on the book of the same name and has been adapted beautifully for the stage. Take a journey through the looking glass and into a world of imagination and wonder this month and check out The Little Match Girl.