There’s always something going on in London City and there’s always something to attend or get involved in, places to go, temporary exhibitions to see and performances to catch. With the pop up shop trend also going strong, there are also a great deal of limited edition retail activities to factor in too. London as a whole hosts some really impressive events and activities throughout the year, many of which are located right in the heart of The City.

If you’re visiting London this summer thanks to one of our London City hotel deals, and are looking for things to do other than the standard tourist attractions, why not add these fascinating events and expos to your diary?

The Londoners: Portraits of a Working City

6th February 2017 - 5th July 2017
For those interested in photography or art, this is for you. The Londoner’s exhibition is being held at the London Metropolitan Archives and it showcases faces from London’s past. Images capture some of the different characters who visited and worked in London between 1447 to 1980. 15th Century drawings and photographs are both included in the collection, creating a full image of the city’s history.

Londinium: The City’s Roman Story

28th July 2017 - 29th October 2017
Londinium is a season of events and activities in London this summer, all of which are centred around London City’s Roman history. Visitors can take part in a number of different events whilst understanding how London came to be the city we know and love today.

Roman London: The City Beneath Our Feet Walking Tour

28th July 2017 - 29th October 2017
This walking tour is ideal for those visiting the city on one of the many London city hotel deals, as it’s affordable and informative. As the original site of Roman settlements the City of London has a vast history, much of which is covered in The City Beneath Our Feet. See the remains of city walls and find out all the Romans did for London.

Swords and Sandals: Outdoor Cinema

7th August 2017 - 15th August 2017
Swords and Sandals: Outdoor Cinema is a fun way to spend an evening for anyone looking for events and activities in London that are a little different. This summer at Guildhall Yard, visitors can check out some of the best Roman-inspired films at an outdoor cinema. Shown on an inflatable screen, this cinema is set to be popular among film buffs and those who are fans of all things Roman. Guests can bring picnics, cushions, blankets and food and drink will also be available.

In the coming months, most of The City of London’s events and activities explore the vast Roman history. Explore the walking tours, take part in activities and attend events to fully understand how London came to be and the impact the Romans had. To stay near to London City, check out The Montcalm Royal London House.