London Wetland Center

Known for being a busy and bustling city, visitors might be surprised to learn that London is actually home to a whole host of wildlife. Many people assume that urban cities are free of interesting animals and don’t realise that there are a lot of different places they can go to do a bit of wildlife spotting. However, being the diverse melting pot of neighbourhoods, green spaces, cultures and things to do that it is, there are lots of attractions in Central London that offer those on a city break or a business trip an opportunity to get up close and personal with Mother Nature.

In addition to enjoying the modern conveniences that come from being in the heart of one of the world’s most vibrant capital cities, why not make a little time during your stay with us to visit some of these wildlife themed attractions?

Go bird watching at the London Wetland Centre

Created by one of the leading conservation organisations in the country, the London Wetland Centre was created as a way to preserve the wetlands in London. It’s made up of four Victorian reservoirs that have evolved into a place a surprising number of wildlife call home. In fact, out of the hundreds of birds found at the London Wetland Centre, a number of them are species that cannot be found anywhere else in the city. Just 10 minutes from Hammersmith, the Wetland Centre is made up of a number of ponds, gardens and lakes and there’s a café for a tea and slice of cake after you’ve spent an hour or two hiking and exploring. The Centre hosts a number of events throughout the year including bird feeds, otter experiences and early morning bird watching.

Seek out the green in one of the many parks

London is home to some amazing city parks, some small, some large but all home to an interesting range of flora and fauna. Visit any park in London and it won’t be long before you’ve come across a squirrel, an interesting British bird species or maybe something a little bit different. Many of the parks, including the beautiful Royal Parks, host regular events, talks and guided walks so it’s worth checking their calendars before you visit.

Explore Hyde Park

Although it’s located slap bang in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities, Hyde Park is actually a haven for a huge range of flora and fauna. If you head to the Serpentine Lake you’ll be able to spot swans and many different varieties of ducks, or wander towards the numerous floral areas and check out some of the beautiful butterflies and bees. One of London’s Royal Parks, this unique urban habitat actively encourages visitors of the four legged and winged variety and has made a number of changes to the way the park is managed in order to encourage more new species.

Visit Richmond Park

Richmond Park is the largest of all the Royal Parks and was designed to be a park for deer hunting. Today it is home to over 600 red and fallow deer. The deer roam free and no visit to Richmond Park will pass without seeing them grazing the fields. The park is also home to a number of rare beetles, snakes, woodpeckers and toads.

By taking the time out from the usual tourist spots you’ll be able to explore some great outdoor attractions in central London that are home to some of the UK’s best wildlife.