A writer’s guide to the city of London

London city

For centuries, London has been a place of inspiration and a home to writers from around the world. Throughout the years some of history’s greatest creative minds have walked the streets of London, leaving behind them a literary legacy.

For any aspiring writers or avid readers, our hotels near London City provide a perfect starting point for an amazing adventure through the pages of this historic city’s literary history. In this post, we’ve put together some of the best spots near our Montcalm hotels where writers can get inspired and learn more about their heroes.

British Library

Euston Road, London

For any writers or readers heading to London, the first port of call should always be the British Library. Home to over 150 million items, the city’s famous library is a fountain of knowledge and is where you’ll find everything from non-fiction and scientific journals to poetry and classic fictional literature. An afternoon at the British Library is like taking a trip through time. All of the greatest writers’ work can be found on the shelves and make it sure to inspire some new ideas. This is a must-see landmark for writers planning a trip to the Montcalm hotels.

Shakespeare’s Globe

New Globe Walk, London

Perhaps the greatest literary mind to ever put pen on paper, William Shakespeare was responsible for creating some of the most famous and influential works in history and also helped modernise the English language by inventing hundreds of new words. The Globe Theatre is where all of Shakespeare’s best works were performed and has been a pillar of the artistic and literary communities for centuries. This is your chance to walk in the footsteps of the greatest penman in history and learn more about his process, is early work and much more.

Charles Dickens Museum

Doughty Street, London

Known by many for famous titles such as Christmas Carol and Oliver Twist, this literary heavyweight was a majorly influential writer of the 19th century. During his career, Charles Dickens created some of the most memorable and beloved characters of all time and will forever be remembered as a genius. While living in London, Dickens took up residence at 48 Doughty Street, an address which has since become a mecca for writers and fans of his work. Explore the house in which some of the greatest books and plays in history were penned and discover a history that is both rich and unexpected.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Baker Street, London

Visit the real-life home of the famous fictional detective and make your way to 221b Baker Street this season for a closer look at one of the greatest literary series in history. The smart-talking detective and his beloved partner, Dr Watson have been brought to life in countless books and TV adaptations since they were first thought up by Arthur Conan Doyle in 1887. Add this exciting experience to your London itinerary for a chance to learn more about the famous writer and step into the shoes of his characters.