Exciting London Adventures Await You in November


November in London is a fabulous time of the year to soak in the vibrant festive vibe at the lively Christmas markets, indulge in exploring the most extraordinary exhibits at world-class museums, and attend one of the city’s most awaited festivals. Want to know what London has in store for you this November? Read on to know.

Visit London's Best Museums

Exploring London’s iconic museums is the perfect family-friendly adventure with so much to offer for people of all ages. Discover two million years of culture and history at the British Museum with its immersive collection featuring Goddess Tara, the ‘Virgin and Child’ Raphael cartoon, Shield from West Papua and so much more, that is sure to take your breath away!

Make sure to witness its November special exhibitions, including the captivating Burma to Myanmar exhibition for an unforgettable experience. You can also explore the National History Museum or take a private guided tour of the National Gallery of London for kids, helping bring children closer to art with a collection of masterpiece paintings! Also, if it’s drizzling outside, a visit to one of these legendary museums from The Montcalm Royal London House, your luxurious abode in the heart of the city is always a great choice.

Visit The London Photo Show

For all the photography enthusiasts, make a great addition to your London holiday as you pay a visit to the London Photo Show, running from 11th November to 14th November 2023.  Dine in at one of the exquisite Finsbury Park restaurants to start your day and gear up to discover a new dimension of photography with artists from all parts of the world, representing and sharing their artwork with you.

Take part in the immersive workshops and talks about the evolution of the art industry and even learn new photography styles! If you’re a true fan, you can also take a guided photography tour of London this month and see the capital’s most interesting side from a whole new perspective. So, be ready for some insider photography tips to help you create your dazzling London souvenir album!

Enjoy the Best Jazz Music at the EFG London Jazz Festival

London is known to host some of the best music festivals in the world and the EFG London Jazz Festival is a testament to that. Starting from 10th November, be sure to be transported to a dreamy world of music, with an array of thrilling hand-picked shows, and cutting-edge performances by talented musicians and world-famous bands at this festival. Tickets for this music festival run out in the blink of an eye, so make sure to get yours soon and experience jazz music like never before!

Take a Stroll Around the Christmas Markets

London’s markets are more beautiful than ever in the festive month of November with the dazzling Christmas decorations at premium stores and streets decked out in lights creating a special atmosphere to spend some time in. Don’t miss out on the South Bank’s Christmas Market and the Selfridges Christmas Market for a shopping experience of a lifetime and of course, sample the most flavourful and aromatic festive delights, that you can always pair with some mulled wine, perfect for the weather!

As you look for the best London hotel package for your holiday, make sure to plan your itinerary with these amazing experiences and have the best time!