8 Reasons to Attend Regent Street Motor Show


The upcoming Regent Street Motor Show promises to be a real treat for fans of automotive history, as well as offering a glimpse at both contemporary vehicles and the future of transportation. This November, the event is sure to be even more impressive than prior motor shows, with lots of things to see and do for both established and new car fans. If you’re a petrol head, this is a great chance to indulge your passion while also enjoying a weekend break in the city.

In this blog, we'll walk you through a few of the most compelling reasons to attend this year's event and see the action for yourself...

What is the Regent Street Motor Show?

An event unlike any other in the UK, the Regent Street Motor Show celebrates over 145 years of motoring history, while also keeping an eye on future vehicles and the contemporary cars which are new and exciting in 2019. The show provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet fellow car fans, take part in vehicle-based activities, and discover unknown facts about some of your favourite cars while staying at business hotels in London.

The roots of the show began in 2005, when the first ever Veteran Car Run International Concours was held in Regent Street. The event featured vehicles from around the globe, and was a valuable precursor to the following London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Five years later, the show developed into the first ever Regent Street Motor Show in 2010. It has since grown to provide a fantastic London showcase for cars from the 19th century right up to the modern day, impressing motoring fans who flock to the event each year.

A wealth of motoring history

Whether you're an established fan of the history of modern vehicles, or are simply eager to find out more, there is no better place to get to grips with the topic. There's opportunities to delve as deeply into motoring know-how as you want, or to simply admire the classic cars which will be available to view during your trip.

There are vehicles from the earliest days of motoring on display, and lots of examples of futuristic motoring which will help pave the way for future models in the years to come.

Great local shopping

In addition to the many motors on display and a host of fantastic activities, visitors to the Regent Street Motor Show will also have the chance to get some Christmas shopping completed while staying at the Montcalm Hotel Chiswell Street.

Regent Street itself is known for its wonderful shops and pedestrianised roads from Oxford Street to Piccadilly Circus, where you can browse to your heart’s content and find a few seasonal bargains along the way. During the event, the shops will remain open – so there'll be plenty of time to take a small detour and combine a little retail therapy with your exploration of classic car history.

Unexpected events

The itinerary for 2019 will be released during October, but if it is anything like 2018, then there's lots of unexpected treats in store! The Regent Street Motor Show is designed to be fully immersive, and it’s about a lot more than simply looking at cars. Last year visitors had the chance to see some of the most impressive vehicles from American motoring, but they also had the chance to win a trip to the world-famous Route 66. In addition, they could get up close to cars by top manufacturers such as Renault and Triumph – and uncover their history and heritage.

Free and accessible

Whilst there is a modest fee for some of the activities on offer, the event itself is entirely free to attend – helping to make it more accessible for anyone eager to attend while enjoying the latest London hotel offers. Fees are also transparent and affordable, so there's no unexpected charges.

Family-friendly fun

In addition to all the other great benefits to attending, a trip to the Regent Street Motor Show is also fun for all ages, and provides a fantastic family-friendly day out! Some of the events on offer have been designed specifically with children in mind. While this year's events have not yet been revealed, last year kids were able to engage with motoring history just as much as older visitors – as well as being challenged to help create an electric car and enjoy a few rounds of go-karting.

These activities are great for imaginative children, and could even help inspire the next generation of engineers to uncover a new talent.

Celebrity vehicles on display

It's not just obscure and specialist vehicles which will be celebrated at the event, but some of the major cars from the stage and screen. Last year saw an appearance from the DeLorean 'time machine' as featured in the 1980s Back to the Future film franchise, and there was also a visit from famed TV car Herbie. As soon as the cars to see for this year are unveiled, they're sure to be just as impressive – and will add a little more glamour to an already spectacular celebration.

Meet sporting heroes

Last year, visitors were able to meet and chat with some of the top winners at prior sporting events such as the British Rally Championship and the Silverstone Classic. This was key to creating a great atmosphere for fans, and ensured that any questions about the cars on display could also be answered by true experts in their respective fields.

One day of motoring fun

Instead of being spread over numerous days, the Regent Street Motoring Show takes place on just a single day - 2nd November 2019. From 10am – 4pm, visitors will have the chance to take advantage to all of the information, displays and activities on offer, while still ensuring visitors have plenty of time to enjoy other activities on their trip to London.