Great London travel bloggers to inspire your next London trip itinerary


London is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, so of course plenty of travel bloggers have been drawn to England's capital to document their own adventures. Whether you're thinking of starting your own travel blog or are simply in need of a little inspiration for your next trip, these writers should help you plan your itinerary with ease...

Sunny in London

Founded in 2013, this blog details the adventures of a Florida girl in London, and focuses on the food and travel experiences she's had exploring everything from afternoon tea venues to hotels, events, attractions and more. Everything is slanted from the perspective of an American expatriate in the UK, so this will prove particularly relatable for those travelling from outside Europe.

A Lady in London

This blog focuses on small areas of the city which you could easily overlook without the insight of a local. During your stay at the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch, be sure to check out some of her recommendations – which are offered via a range of different methods including reviews, travelogues and stunning photography of all the sights you will see on your adventures.

Luxury Columnist

This travel blog is interested in the luxury lifestyle which can be found in London, with blog posts which tell you all about the latest and greatest luxury locations and activities for seeing the city through a high-end lens. While you're staying at hotels in Old Street London you may or may not relate to the experiences described, but if you feel like upgrading your next trip them this is a must-read.

Love and London

This blog is written from the perspective of a local in London, promising you all the inside tips and tricks to make your next visit the very best. The focus of Love and London is frequently on first-time visits, so if you've always wanted to come to London and have been holding yourself back, then a quick look at this blog is sure to have you booking tickets in no time at all.

The Cosy Traveller

A blog which emphasises the need to enjoy wholesome UK travels, this blog, founded in 2014, has gone from strength to strength, exploring London and beyond with an enthusiastic and informative tone sure to pique your interest when planning your next trip to the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch.

Cherie City

Focusing on the best events happening throughout London, this is a fantastic place to discover something new before you arrive, and will help plan ahead for any major happenings which you'd like to be a part of. It’s also filled with recommendations on the latest talent in everything from boutiques to cafes and design.


This blog focuses exclusively on London travel information, news and articles about everything from London's history to its rich and vibrant nightlife and cultural scene. Run by locals and true lovers of the city, there is no better place to catch up on the information which truly matters.