North London’s Nature-Rich Pathway from Finsbury Park to Alexandra Palace


A trip to London isn't complete without exploring the city's lush green pockets and admiring the flora and fauna for an unforgettable outdoor adventure. Plan the perfect summertime trip to London with a luxurious stay at The Montcalm Hotel London with smart rooms and modern amenities, to relax and explore London’s most scenic offerings at your doorstep. Read through our blog and explore London’s longest linear nature reserve, starting steps away from your stay near Finsbury Park and extending up to Highgate.

London’s scenic Parkland Walk traces a 4.5-mile course of an extinct Victoria-era railway line, boasting over 300 wildflower species, butterflies, hedgehogs, foxes, badgers, and butterflies along the way. Find your way through this tranquil traffic-free trek starting from Finsbury Park underground station and don’t forget to fuel yourself with a hearty meal at restaurants near Finsbury Square to make the most of the one to two hours Parkland Walk.

Start Your Journey from Finsbury Park Tube Station

Once you’re at Finsbury Park Tube station, follow the Capital Ring link way markers and you will find yourself in the vast green expanse of Finsbury Park, which has been the favourite outdoor playground for North Londoners since 1869. Keep going straight until you reach a T-junction with the main Capital Ring trail and exit Finsbury Park using the footbridge that goes over the train tracks.

Set Off Along the Parkland Walk 

Take a right turn and set off along the scenic Parkland Walk, a peaceful haven for locals and travellers, seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Take the time to spot the majestic muntjac deer in this lush green, vehicle-free corridor, which is home to abundant wildlife including the rare-to-spot nocturnal wanderers as well.

Stapleton Bridge Road

Stroll along the picturesque, unsealed path and pass through a tunnel of trees with information boards throughout the way, providing details about the local flora and fauna. Take a quick stop to read about over 60 species of birds that inhabit the alluring stretch including the occasional kestrel, woodpeckers, redpolls, goldcrests, and finches. Continue walking across Stapleton Bridge, to find a canopy of trees that shade an acid grassland.

Crouch End Hill

Take a stroll under two bridges that are adorned with colourful urban art on either side. Soon, you'll come across a signpost directing you towards Crouch Hill, but instead, keep walking straight towards Highgate, which is about a mile away. Look out for the man-sized Spriggan sculpture, that emerges from one of the brick arches around this area. The sculpture was created by artist Marilyn Collins, and its story is believed to have inspired a Stephen King short story called "Crouch End."

Stanhope Road

As you walk along the track on Stanhope Road, you'll notice the track lined with cherry laurel, holm oak and holly, all adorned with ivy. Cross a bridge over Stanhope Road and you’ll pass an illuminated garden on the right where the old-fashioned streetlamps add a beautiful touch. As you continue, the Parkland Walk veers off to the left and emerges on Archway Road. End your journey here, and simply walk to Highgate Tube station. Take the Tube towards Finsbury Park station and enjoy your favourite meal and drinks at the Finsbury Square restaurants, nearby.

It's always a great choice to reconnect with the natural environment and take a break from the fast-paced life and there’s no better way to do it than to enjoy London’s Parkland Walk, the perfect wooded countryside-like escape. Make this unmissable addition to your itinerary and oh, don’t forget to relax and rejuvenate with luxurious treatments at spa hotels in London.

The capital city offers something for everyone, whether you're a nature lover seeking a scenic escape or a city explorer looking to soak up rich culture and history. So, plan now and make your stay memorable with our London hotel packages, perfect for a family holiday, romantic getaways and more!