How to access London airport lounges on an economy ticket

airport lounge

Travelling can often be stressful, but there are plenty of ways to help make your journeys a little more bearable. One of the best methods of doing this including spending some time in an airport lounge.

These luxurious spaces are designed to ensure travellers reach their destination relaxed and ready to explore – and often include fantastic services and surroundings which are not available to economy flyers.

However, there are a few key ways that you can still gain access to an airport lounge in London while travelling economy. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best methods – helping you find the right one for you…

Become someone’s plus-one

Most luxurious airport lounges allow First Class passengers to bring along a guest. This little-known fact could help you talk your way into comfort for a couple of hours – but be careful not to seem too desperate in your bid for a ticket!

Instead, simply get talking to your fellow passengers, and don’t turn down the offer of joining them in the lounge if offered. Alternatively you could of course instead opt for a sob story and hope for an upgrade – but we certainly wouldn’t recommend this kind of overt manipulation. Instead, stick to being open and honest and show your enthusiasm for the experience while on your way to or from your hotel in Finsbury Square.

Join an independent program

One of the most impressive ways to gain access to luxurious airport lounges is to join an independent program. Some of the very best will give you the chance to experiences lounges around the world, all with just one single membership. This is a great way to stop you having to worry about using a specific airline or airport, without missing out. One of the major benefits of this approach is that your fee – usually billed monthly – will give you access to a huge number of airport lounges, wherever you fly. This makes it a great option for regular travellers and those who frequently have a lengthy break between their flights.

You’ll find independent airport lounge programs in many different locations while heading to your hotel in Finsbury Square. While there are several benefits to this approach, you may have to be willing to pay (sometimes a hefty fee) for the privilege. If you’re on a budget, search for the program which works for you. There are plenty of great airport lounges available in London, and they may be far more affordable than you originally imagine.

Pay as you go

If you don’t want to join a program long-term or are just an occasional flyer, then pay as you go may be the best option for you. Using this model, you’ll be able to access an airport lounge right where you are, without the need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee. We recommend this approach if you prefer not to be locked into contracts, but would still like to experience an airport lounge from time to time.

Day pass

Day passes (and sometimes hourly passes) are also available at many fantastic airport lounges in London. This form of admission will allow you to pay only for the time you spend in the lounge, and represents a fantastic option for flyers with only a few hours to kill.

Tickets are usually available for between 1-5 hours, ensuring you have plenty of time to enjoy some of the key features of an airport lounge before continuing your journey.

What are the best airport lounges in London?

While not all airport lounges are available to economy ticket holders, the following will be more than happy to allow you entry for a fixed fee or a pay-as-you-go sum. As with so many of the options available, you will have to pay to be admitted – but the cost is usually far less than the price you would pay to buy a First Class flight.


A key example of a ‘pay as you go’ airport lounge is Aspire, which is located at Heathrow’s terminal 5. The program will give you access to the Bliss Spa (which provides a range of manicures, facials and pedicures taking between 20-40 minutes) and a lounge which is specifically designed with rest and relaxation in mind. Admission is currently billed per person (with prices starting at £29.99 for three hours) and additional fees for spa treatments selected during your visit.

Escape Lounge

An alternative is the Escape Lounge at Stansted Airport, which provides admission for just £30. Here you can enjoy a range of foods and drink as well as free Wi-Fi, TV and magazines. There’s no need to have a First Class ticket to visit, but pre-booking is strongly suggested to ensure admission. These are fantastic ways to indulge in a little luxury while staying at the Montcalm Royal London House.

Plaza Premium Lounge

Part of a worldwide airport lounge group, Plaza Premium Lounge is located at London Heathrow. Here you’ll be able to enjoy a range of great (exclusive) features, which can be found at terminal 4 of the airport. There are two lounges to choose from, including one for departures and one for arrivals. Each provide self-service buffet, coffee machines and computer access, helping you to keep connected while travelling.

Key features at the lounge include 25 shower rooms, a plush bar area and seating – with room for up to 75 visitors at any time. The Plaza Premium Lounge is also introducing a new dining concept which champions healthy living, using fresh produce where possible and serving a range of delicious dishes and juices. All of these elements are designed to help encourage a more tranquil onward flight, or restore equilibrium when you’ve already touched down in London.

Access begins at £35 for a two-hour stay, helping to make this another affordable way of travelling more luxuriously on your next trip.