The best bookshops for fans of fiction at the Montcalm RLH

book shop

When it comes to art and literature, London is a treasure trove of hidden gems. There are a plethora of bookshops dotted around the city that offer a wide enough selection to satisfy every reader’s taste.

Whether you like reading about jet-setting super spies or powerful wizards, you’ll find all kinds of incredible adventures on the shelves of London’s bookshops. This list will help you find the best places to buy fiction if you’re planning to do some reading while staying at our hotels near London City.

Daunt Books

Cheapside, London

This iconic bookseller established in 1912 and has since become a household name amongst readers in London. The location on Cheapside can be found just north of the Square Mile, close to our Montcalm hotels London. Although Daunt originally specialised in travel guides, the gorgeous Edwardian bookshop now boasts a wide range of titles across all genres of fiction. From vibrantly illustrated children’s books to the latest chart-topping thrillers, you’ll get lost amongst the shelves at Daunt Books as you spend the afternoon in search of a new addition to your collection.

Rizzoli Bookshop

Somerset House, London

One of New York’s most famous bookshops has made its way across the pond and found a home in the historic Somerset House. Although the popular book retailer only opened its doors 50 years ago, it has quickly gained a reputation for offering a wide range of indie titles and collections that are rarely available anywhere else. If you’re looking for something different, you’ll find a great selection of fiction on the shelves of the gorgeous Rizzoli Bookshop. It’s also the perfect place to find gifts for a friend who loves to read.

Blackwell’s Bookshop

High Holborn, London

As one of the leading literature retailers in London, this academic bookshop has been a cornerstone of the industry for years. In addition to the vast library of educational and academic writings, you can find an excellent fiction selection. From classic titles by literary legends such as Fitzgerald and Orwell to the latest releases, the collection of books at Blackwell’s covers a wide range of genres. If somehow you can’t find the particular book you’re looking for, the chances are that staff at Blackwell’s will be able to order it from their vast online collection.


Portugal Street, London

Every reader will be familiar with this popular high street retailer and the huge range of titles that it stocks. Although Waterstones may not be favoured by devoted literature fans who try to avoid mainstream retailers, there’s plenty of fictional treasures to find. As one of the largest book retailers in the country, Waterstones gets access to all of the latest releases. Whether you’re looking for fantasy fiction or hard-hitting thrillers, you’ll discover all kinds of colourful characters on the shelves of Waterstones. It is always a great place to start your hunt for new books.