Chocolate makes us feel!


As London gets ready for Chocolate Week, we take a look back at a rather recent chocolatey #MontcalmExperience at The Montcalm Royal London House.  While chocolate will and always has been a part of an experience with us in many different shapes and forms, this was a rather special one.  One of many of the many new experiences we have brought this year to our guests, followers and friends, the Choc Star masterclass with Kate Burton from The Cocoa Den had us feeling all sorts of happy!

The prelude to chocolate filled evening kicked off with a social media competition on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to win a place on the masterclass with an added chance for one winner to also win a chocolate filled hamper. The easy way to enter was to simply tell us how chocolate made you feel with just one emoji! Lots of fun.

When the chocolatey evening arrived winners, guests and followers joined in for an evening of getting creative with cocoa….well chocolate as we know it both milk and white chocolate.  Participants started off with piping their names in milk chocolate, and were then expertly led by Kate in learning how to melt and temper chocolate with some tips that made it easier to do than you could’ve ever imagined.  The next part of the evening had participants elbow deep in chocolate (well ok only wrist deep but was just as much fun).  While everyone giggled and played with glitter, they also had a lot of fun learning how to coat and decorate some delicious chocolate truffles. Most did a great job in getting creative and decorating them, some did an even better job at simply relishing them because they couldn’t keep the silky chocolate from running. Well we would’ve done the same, after all who doesn’t love silky smooth chocolate!

The last order of the evening was participants unleashing their “choc-creativity” to the max and having fun decorating chocolate bars with metallic food paints, chocolate flowers, chocolate Lego-like figures and so many more embellishments. And when everything was done, everyone got to pack their creative pieces into beautiful little boxes and could even choose the colour of the ribbon in which they could have their boxes wrapped!

While  getting almost elbow deep in chocolate  was oh so great, it was much more fun to enjoy an liberating mid-week evening, where adults got together around a table and enjoyed close to two hours of absolute glee, while bringing out both their inner child and  artist. Both of these reside within all of us and sometimes all it needs is an exciting medium like chocolate and one exquisite #MontcalmExperience to drive it home!

What will your next #MontcalmExperience be?