3 of the Best Theatre Shows on This Month

Theatre Show

With London being one of the greatest cities on earth for theatre, there’s never any shortage of great shows to go and see.

From the West End to the smaller, independent theatres that dot the capital, there are always entertaining, thought-provoking and world-class shows to enjoy. And this month is no different. So, let’s take a look at your guide to three of the best theatre shows this month.


Showing at the Donmar Warehouse – only a short journey from your room at the Montcalm Royal London City Hotel - Aristocrats is about a storied family and their home that has now fallen on hard times. Once a grand and inviting locale, Ballybeg Hall has become a shell of its former self. Once playing host to famous artists and writers, the hall is now a dilapidated place full of discontent and family strife.

The piece follows various family members as they return home for a family wedding, exploring the multiple relationships between characters. Aristocrats is also about examining what happens when a once proud and wealthy family finds itself sliding down the social order and how the various members deal with this fact.

It’s a beautifully produced piece of theatre and director Lyndsey Turner has a keen eye for the dramatic. If you’re in the mood for a bit of serious, contemplative theatre, you should grab some tickets and check it out.

As You Like It

While you’re in London and looking for good shows to see, you can’t pass up the opportunity to see one of Shakespeare’s plays in his own Globe Theatre. Happily, this is only a quick hop from your Montcalm Hotel Finsbury Square.

This excellent, bawdy production of As You Like It does a fantastic job of keeping Shakespeare fresh and inviting – without taking the show away from its roots. Director Federay Holmes has a brilliant eye for keeping the action tight and moving along at a good pace, without losing the preposterous, twisting nature of William Shakespeare’s text.

The cast is all first-rate and take to their roles with gusto, picking their way through one of Shakespeare’s more complicated plays and reminding everyone who sees the show that Shakespeare’s work is still unparalleled.

Bat Out of Hell: The Musical

If there’s one album in the history of popular music that lends itself to musical theatre, Bat Out of Hell is it. Just jump on the Tube from Montcalm Royal London City Hotel, and you’ll be there in no time.

Playing at the beautiful Dominion Theatre, Bat Out of Hell is a rip-roaring tale about love and rebellion, all set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The direction is first-rate, and the cast excels in both its acting and musical numbers – and that’s what this show is all about. You’ll find it impossible not to sing along with the iconic tunes on offer, and that’s a big part of the fun here.

Aside from just being great fun, Bat Out of Hell has also won a great deal of critical praise – it won the ‘Best Musical’ Award at the Evening Standard Theatre Awards in 2017. If you want a big dollop of fun, some great music and an overall excellent night out, go and see Bat Out of Hell.