A Full Guide to Explore the Best of Tower Bridge London


Tower Bridge is a global icon, instantly recognisable even to those who have set foot in London for the first time. Its beauty and uniqueness make it one of those places that you will never forget, even after your trip is over. Only moments away from the opulent Montcalm Royal London House where you can book a luxurious stay, Tower Bridge has a vast and intriguing history that indulges you in an immersive experience that will be etched in your memory forever.

Built in the year 1894, this picturesque bridge spans river Thames and stands between Tower Hamlets and the Borough of Southwark. Not only this, but Tower Bridge is also one of the most sophisticated bascule bridges in the world, made of two soaring towers, that boast Victorian engineering and architecture with high-level walkways, that allow you to get a majestic view of the city skyline and the Thames.

Nearly, 40,000 people use it every single day as it is the perfect spot to enjoy the stunning panoramic views of London. Deeply rooted in history, the Tower Bridge continues to successfully educate people on its glorious past. So, make sure you plan to buy yourself the timed tickets for the bridge while booking a London hotel package of your choice. When you finally make it to the bridge, you’ll learn more about the people behind the construction of this splendid art structure, their stories along with authentic accumulators and pumping engines that take you back to a different era altogether.

A one-way route through the bridge starts by climbing the North Tower, then walking across the iconic glass walkways that eventually lead you to the South Tower.  Not only this, the Victorian Engine Rooms with two authentic steam engines from back in time is a must-see. As you walk along these walkways made of glass, you’ll have the most mesmerising view of boats cruising down the Thames, and taxis passing beneath your feet, creating a memory for life.

P.S. Don’t forget to click some quirky and goofy pictures on the glass walkways to look back and smile at.

There is certainly so much more to the modern-day Tower Bridge than you get to see on billboard advertisements. Whether you're taking the bus or the tube, you'll be able to get to Tower Bridge in no time from the Montcalm London Royal House. And if you're feeling adventurous, you can even take a riverboat ride and see the bridge from a different perspective. Showcasing an incredible history and gothic-style architecture, take this once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about this bridge’s ingenious design, packed with stories from centuries back that still fit right in the cosmopolitan London life. For a more diverse experience, combine your trip to Tower Bridge with the Tower of London and get acquainted with their royal history. Snap Instagram-worthy photos and dine at a sumptuous Finsbury Square Restaurant for a wholesome London experience.