Sights to see on a walk from Montcalm RLH to the London Bridge

London Bridge

There are many ways to get around the capital. There’s the iconic red double-decker buses, Hackney cabs and, of course, the Tube.

Whilst these are all good options for moving around London, they don’t offer the same freedom that walking does. As abhorrent as that may sound to many full-time residents of London, travelling on foot can be a great way for the visitor to London to find their own way. So, get those legs moving and let’s look at some of the best sights between the Montcalm Royal London House and London Bridge.

Finsbury Circus Gardens

Accessible from Blomfield Street, Finsbury Circus Gardens is a gorgeous little slice of greenery amidst the concrete jungle that is central London.

A perfect circle, the gardens are surrounded on all sides by tall buildings, but still manage to feel like a serene space in an ocean of activity. It is beautifully tended and home to many an exotic palm and flower. It’s also a nice place to pull up and take five. It’s just down the road from Montcalm Royal London House, so there’s no reason not to check it out.

The Gherkin

As you progress toward London Bridge and move along Houndsditch, you might see a familiar sight looming overhead. Even if you’ve never been to London before, you’ll know what The Gherkin is. Seeing it in person is something quite different, however. If you’ve found yourself one of our 5-star hotels in London, it’s worth checking out for the sheer outlandish nature of the architecture on display.

It really is a marvel of design – whether you like how it looks or not – and it’s also totally unique. If you venture a little closer, you may come across another point of interest. The Tomb of the Unknown Roman Girl is just opposite the site of The Gherkin and is the resting place of a teenaged Roman Girl whose remains were discovered during building work back in 2007. She was returned to her resting place and now a monument marks the spot.

The Jack the Ripper Museum

As you turn onto Mansell Street and draw closer to London Bridge, it might be worth taking a slight detour on Royal Mint Street and into one of the most enduring mysteries of modern history.

It is on Royal Mint Street that you can find The Jack the Ripper Museum. It’s a fairly full-on and detailed recounting of the crimes, so it’s worth making this an adults-only trip if you decide to investigate. It’s an eerie feeling to know you are in the area where one of the most talked-about and researched crime sprees of all time took place, but it is an intrinsic and fascinating part of London history.

The Tower of London

Just as you get close to your London Bridge destination, there’s one more famous sight that might draw your attention. The Tower of London is just to the north of London Bridge and it’s impossible not to notice it.

The home of many a famous inmate – kings and princes have lived and died there – ‘The Tower’, as it’s known, is rich with history and is iconic in its own right. Look out for the beefeaters and the ever-present crows of the tower, before you get onto Tower Bridge Approach and reach your destination.