How to Plan the Perfect Private Dinner Event

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A private dinner event is the perfect way of marking a special occasion, whether it’s for just one other person, or if you’re marking an important milestone with friends, family or colleagues. With some great venues all across the city, London is an excellent choice for hosting a private dinner, but to make sure that it goes off without a hitch, it takes a little careful planning ahead of time.

To help you plan the perfect private dinner event, read on for some useful pointers.

Think about who you want to invite

This will depend very much on your reasons for hosting a private dinner. It may be a personal event, or it may be related to your professional activities, and there may even be some overlap between the two fields.

It’s essential to know who and how many people you intend to invite to this, so to help you work out the numbers, it can be useful to think deeply about the reason you are holding this dinner. A private dinner can often be much more intimate, compared to a meal out in public, even as a group, and the closed setting can allow people to relax and feel more open with each other.

Before you go further with your event planning, take time to consider who you want to share such an important and meaningful occasion with. After you have an idea of the kind of people you want to invite, you can then start to look at the numbers, and decide exactly how many people you’d like there. This may dictate your budget, location and other practical considerations.

Another point to consider before deciding who to invite is the practicality for guests to get to your location. London hotel packages are useful for anyone who is travelling from further afield, and can provide guess with somewhere cosy and comfortable to stay, both before and after the main event. You may want to give your guests recommendations on accommodation and transport, to make it easier for them to take part.

Decide your dates well ahead of time

If you’re looking at booking a venue for a dinner, knowing exactly when you want to hold it will definitely be one of the most important practical questions to consider. If you’re looking at booking a large venue for an especially big group, it’s worth considering London hotel packages as these may also include access to an event space.

Choosing between a weekend or a weekday can also often make a big difference, as there may be less demand during the week. For professional events, this may serve well, as you may want to combine your dinner with other work-related activities. It can also often be better value to hire an event during the week, rather than at weekends when there is greater demand.

Once you know your dates, you can take the time to plan other activities around the main event. If it’s quite an important dinner and you know that there will be a lot of expectations to meet, it’s worth giving yourself a bit of time and space to relax beforehand. Spa hotels London are a great way of helping you unwind, as you can ease off any tensions about big speeches later in the day, under the expert hands of a massage therapist, or in a soothing pool.

Think about the menu

Naturally, one of the most important aspects of a private dinner, after you’ve sorted out the venue and the people that you plan on inviting, is the food and drink. Choosing the right menu is key to making sure your dinner goes smoothly, and depending on the tone of the occasion, you’ll want to make sure you pick the right kind of items.

If you’re hosting your dinner at a venue that is well experienced with managing private dinners, they’ll often be able to make recommendations, or provide sample menus to help you choose what kind of dishes you’d like. At the Montcalm London City, the events team manages private dinners for groups of 10 to 100 diners, so the team are experts in making helpful suggestions for any occasion.

You should also think about dietary requirements of any of your guests, and make sure that they will be well catered for. After all, there’s nothing worse than making the effort to attend a private dinner, and discovering that you cannot eat much of what is on offer on the menu. If you’re not sure, you may want to ask your guests to specify any food issues when responding to your invitation, to make sure that they are properly taken care of.

Add a little personal touch

One of the loveliest things about hosting or attending a private dinner event, rather than simply dining out in a restaurant as a group, is that it can feel much more personal and special. To make it feel as inviting as possible, try to include little touches that make the event and space stand out.

The hotel Finsbury Square is an ideal space for private dinners as you’re able to choose from a range of different spaces, each suited for a variety of needs and group sizes. You can make the event your own, by introducing a particular theme, such as a colour theme for guests or the décor of the space, or add special decorations or flower arrangements into the area. You might even want to treat guests to a personal reception beforehand, with champagne or non-alcoholic drinks to provide a light and relaxed atmosphere.

Lastly, remember that your private dinner should be an enjoyable event for everyone, including yourself. Once all the finishing touches are in place, be sure to take a moment to step back and soak up the wonderful atmosphere of the moment. You’ll have worked hard to bring it all together perfectly, and it should be a memorable and positive dinner for all to enjoy.