Planning a Wedding? Use These 10 Tools and Resources


A wedding is always cause for celebration, but before the big day arrives there’s plenty of planning for the happy couple to get through!

No matter where your own wedding is taking place and what your plans may be, a few handy tools  are always welcome – helping to lighten the load and make wedding planning as enjoyable as it should be.

Here’s a few of our favourite resources for wedding planners to discover…


It’s an enormous resource for finding items to add to your wedding day, but Amazon is also perfect for creating a wish list or a wedding registry. This will allow your family and friends to chip in with helping to fund the event, or even help you save some cash for your honeymoon.

As a multi-purpose digital marketplace, Amazon sells pretty much everything – and you can easily spend some time happily searching and adding things to your wish list during a pre-wedding break to spa hotels in London.


What wedding planning session is complete without a look at Pinterest? This is one of the best places to find inspiration and see other people’s wedding days. Pinterest is also notoriously a little addictive, whether you’re looking at ideas for your dress, your cake or even the décor of your wedding day itself.

The platform allows you to create your own inspiration boards and ‘pin’ images to them, helping to create the ideal space for all your wedding-centric thoughts and ideas. Even if you want to adapt each of the ideas you find to suit your own taste, Pinterest is still a great starting point – and as it’s all online, you can access the platform from anywhere, even while enjoying the latest London City hotel deals.


More and more couples are choosing to add a unique spin to their wedding, and Etsy is the perfect place to find a wide variety of items ideal for individualists.

From handmade wedding favours to wedding dresses, Etsy is a fantastic resource where you can communicate directly with the individuals making and selling the pieces. In addition, many items for sale are one of a kind – ensuring nobody else will have the same kind of wedding as you.

We highly recommend browsing the site, even if you aren’t normally persuaded by the folksy style which Etsy is widely associated with. The platform might just surprise you – and at the very least, it’ll give you some fantastic inspiration for your own wedding day.


This resource is home to around 4.5 million brides every month, and a fantastic resource for anyone planning their upcoming wedding. Weddingbee offers guidance, forums and the chance to ask a question to this huge audience. If you have a query which can only really be answered by fellow wedding planners, this is the place to look!

There’s also lots of wonderful resources and support for brides on this platform, ensuring you’ll always be able to find someone who understands your plans and can help you find the most efficient ways of making them happen.


This online resource will help you create dazzling paper invitations, letting your guests know all about your big day.

It’s a fantastic place to create something truly special, and the company provides a mixture of editable templates and DIY options to suit all tastes. This ensures that no matter the kind of wedding you have in mind, you’ll be able to find something which matches your aesthetic and gives upcoming guests a taster of what to expect from the day itself.


Sometimes you need to pay for wedding services, but don’t want to risk giving out your bank details. For instances such as this, utilise Paypal – the fast, convenient way to safely transfer money wherever it is needed.

This is a great resource to help put your mind at ease, as well as enabling you to deal with practical purchases in a swift and efficient way.

Paperless Post

If you’d prefer not to send out paper invitations, then there’s no need to sacrifice the enjoyment of sending formal invitations. With Paperless Post, you can create invitations and send them online, and each design on the site can be customised to your specifications.

This is a great option for eco-friendly couples and those who prefer to save a little cash on small essentials such as invitations, instead spending them on areas like the wedding venue or enjoying a trip to the Montcalm Hotel Shoreditch.


One of the most important yet underrated parts of any wedding is the wedding reception playlist. If you’re not opting for a DJ or live music, then you can always simply ask for suggestions from your wedding guests or compile a Spotify playlist.

This is a fun and interactive way to organise your wedding music, and will help everyone feel involved. It’s also a great way to ensure a vital but often time-consuming and expensive task is taken care of, leaving you free to get on with other aspects of your wedding planning.

Google Calendar

Calenders are incredibly handy when you’re planning a wedding, as you need to be sure you’ve got a handle on all the aspects of the day and everyone who is taking part.

Depending on the complexity and scope of your wedding, you could have to attend numerous events leading up to the wedding day itself – including everything from cake tastings to meetings with potential venues like Montcalm London City.

Google Drive

Anyone with a Gmail account can use Google Drive, and here is where you can store all the digital documents connected to your wedding day. From schedules to invitations, travel plans, catering and more – you can also choose to share these documents with others or keep them private.

For projects which require added input from your guests or other people who are actively taking part in the wedding, this is a great way to stay organised.