5 Fascinating Permanent Museum Exhibits in London


One of the many things London does significantly well is museums. The capital city boasts the widest range of world-renowned institutions, so it can be hard to pick, which one to visit first. While spectacular museums like the Victoria and Albert Museum and National History Museum are known for their outstanding temporary exhibits, there are some stunning permanent exhibits that you must look out for as well. Read on to plan your visit!

Cast Courts, Victoria & Albert Museum

A part of London’s Museum Mile and one of the leading arts and design museums in the world, a visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum tops the list of every London visitor! If you’re planning a visit, discover one of the largest collections of casts and copies in the UK at Victoria & Albert Museum's Cast Courts. Created after years of extensive restoration projects, the Cast Courts is sure to awe-inspire you! The V&A has been at the forefront of the cast-collecting craze in the 19th century and this incredible gallery is a testament to that. So, don't miss the opportunity to be inspired by this magnificent collection! Book a convenient and comfortable stay at the Montcalm Hotel London, the perfect city sanctuary to relax and explore London’s best exhibits near you!

Giant Squid, Natural History Museum

For all David Attenborough fans, this one’s for you! One of the most incredible permanent exhibits at the iconic Natural History Museum is the giant squid ‘Archie’. Yes, you read that right! Sightings of giant squids are extremely rare, and catching one is even rarer. However, a giant squid measuring 8 metres in length was caught alive off the Falkland Islands and can now be found at London’s Natural History Museum! Create a memory for a lifetime as you see the giant squid specimen, preserved in his tank at the museum waiting to be discovered. Book your guided tour now!

Artemisia Gentileschi Self-Portrait, National Gallery

In July 2017, the National Gallery successfully acquired an exceptional self-portrait by Artemisia Gentileschi. With the luxurious Hotel Montcalm London City as your abode, plan a visit to the National Gallery easily with its great connectivity and prime location, and see the extraordinary portrait of one of the most celebrated female artists of the Italian Baroque for yourself! It would come as a surprise to you that this rare oil portrait underwent months of extensive conservation and is on public display in the Central Hall of the National Gallery for all visitors to see.

The Jewel Tower, Houses of Parliament

Believed to be the oldest surviving part of the Palace of Westminster, discover the charm of the Jewel Tower built in 1365 to store the crown jewels of Edward III. Explore the tower featuring a model of the medieval palace for a unique experience and get a glimpse of London’s deep-delving history. Make sure to stop and admire the ceilings adorned with exquisite carvings from the 14th century and enjoy a sumptuous meal at a premium restaurant near Finsbury Square, adding to the charm of your visit.

Islamic World Galleries, British Museum

London’s British Museum frequently updates its permanent collection with rotating exhibits, in addition to special exhibitions. If you are looking to make a special addition to your visit, add to your British Museum exploration as you explore the Islamic World galleries. Learn about the history of cultures merging as this exhibition is a lively celebration of the Middle East and West Africa! Make sure to look out for elaborately embroidered Persian kaftans and contemporary artwork by Idris Khan here!

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