Discover Gems in North London’s Finsbury Park


Named after its renowned lush green park, Finsbury Park is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in London where you can experience a strong sense of community spirit! Whether you’re exploring the vibrant neighbourhood’s picturesque green spaces, out-of-the-ordinary entertainment venues, shopping or simply soaking in the rich atmosphere, you’re sure to have a great time. Read to learn more about the charming Finsbury Park and things to do for a delightful experience!

Finsbury Park 

Opened in 1869, the popular Finsbury Park is the most essential part of the local area and one of the first great city parks, laid out during the Victorian era. If you’re looking to spend quality time with your loved ones or simply a tranquil retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Finsbury Park must be at the top of your list. Spanning 46 acres, the park boasts a serene boating lake at its heart, sports grounds, winding tracks perfect for all levels of runners and recreational sports facilities including tennis courts for all sports enthusiasts.

Reserve an opulent stay at Montcalm Hotel London, located in the heart of the city for an extravagant holiday experience, exploring London’s beloved attractions and hidden gems, all steps away from you! If you’re travelling with kids, take some time to relax in the leafy surroundings of the park and enjoy with the little ones in the designated play areas for a well-spent day!

Parkland Walk

No visit to Finsbury Park is complete without exploring the enchanting Parkland Walk. What was once a former railway line has now transformed into a scenic cycling and walking path, stretching up to Alexandra Palace. Parkland Walk was officially declared a local nature reserve in 1990 and is one of the longest ones of its kind, in London. Located only moments away from your luxe hotel Montcalm London City, enjoy your time at this nature reserve, which provides a peaceful oasis to explore wildlife and relax in a serene environment. You’ll find joggers, cyclists, and walkers on the route and don’t forget to spot unique street art and graffiti underneath the railway arches!

The Park Theatre 

Head in for a culturally stimulating stay out (with a touch of world-class entertainment) at Finsbury Park’s very own Park Theatre. Whether you’re travelling with your family or friends, gather to experience the most diverse range of extraordinary comedy shows, musicals, and plays at this cultural gem! A former office building, Park Theatre opened in 2013 and is today known for its dramas and experimental productions. Feel free to treat yourself to your favourite snacks and drinks at the theatre’s trendy bar or relish a scrumptious meal at one of the exquisite restaurants near Finsbury Square for a wholesome experience!

Stroud Green Market

Finsbury Park’s Stroud Green Market is a weekly farmers' market that you can enjoy for an afternoon to look back at. Brimming with locally made goods, the Stroud Green Market is also an excellent place to indulge in traditional heart-warming and aromatic food, fresh coffee and more! Located at only a five-minute walk from Finsbury Park, the market makes a great addition to your day as you enjoy free live music and storytelling here!

Fonthill Road 

If you’re looking for a dose of retail therapy in the area, Fonthill Road in Finsbury Park is known for its bargain fashion shops and independent fashion boutiques that you can browse for quirky and vintage finds. For all the recyclable fashion lovers, you can also find several thrift shops here, cute charity shops and more, making it a suitable destination for all types of shoppers!

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