6 Amazing Facts About Central London That Will Leave You in Awe


    We all know that London is one of the most historically rich and culturally diverse cities in the world. It’s also no surprise that several wonderful tales and intriguing facts about the city are what make it so unique and interesting to explore. Read on and discover some cool facts about London and plan a great trip to the capital city!

    The Shard is the Tallest Skyscraper in London

    A part of the Shard Quarter development and one of the most iconic landmarks in London, The Shard is typically modelled after a shard of glass. It is made of a whopping 11,000 panels of glass to be precise. Blessing Southwark in central London, the Shard is a 72-story, 1,016-foot-tall skyscraper. It was designed by Renzo Piano, a world-renowned Italian architect and is not only the tallest building in London but also in the United Kingdom and Western Europe! Reserve a stay with the luxurious Montcalm Hotel London City and enjoy the comfort of staying in a prime location, with effortlessly stylish rooms and premium amenities. Get exploring, because apparently, London is a city full of surprises!

    The Two Fake Houses in Paddington

    Relish a sumptuous meal at one of the exquisite Finsbury Square restaurants and head to the streets close to Bayswater tube station and take some time to admire a row of Victoria, stucco terraces. But what you wouldn’t know is that 23 and 24 Leinster Gardens hold a surprise for all its visitors; These are London’s only two fake houses. Even though the facades look normal, if you take a closer glance, you’ll see that there’s nothing inside! The ground floor is completely blank and there are no post boxes either. In reality, these houses are simply facades hiding the old Metropolitan Line railway track.

    Norway’s Gift to London for Christmas

    Every year since 1947, as part of a tradition, Norway gifts a Christmas tree to London as a token of thank you for help during the time of World War II. The tree is specifically picked and sent over to London where it brightens up the streets of Trafalgar Square, every Christmas. Keep a check for the best London hotel packages and don’t miss out on the sparkling festive lights display of the tree with vertical lights for a sight to remember!

    The 32 Capsules on the London Eye

    Did you know that the world-renowned London Eye consists of 32 capsules? Yes, each of these capsules can hold up to 25 people and weigh around 10 tons. What’s more interesting is that all the capsules are numbered from 1 to 12 and 14 to 32! The number 13 is not used for any capsule as it's considered to be unlucky.

    The Only Surviving House of Benjamin Franklin

    In the heart of London at 36 Craven Street, you’ll find the world’s only remaining home of Benjamin Franklin. Now considered a heritage gem, the house first opened to the public on 17th January 2006, celebrating Franklin’s 300th birthday!

    The Wealth of Trees in London

    London has a wealth of greenery and trees right in the heart of the metropolis. Think Regent’s Park or Hyde Park for starters! You’ll be surprised to know that London is so packed with foliage that it technically qualifies into being a forest. Also, as per the United Nations definition that a forest has at least 20 per cent trees, London has about 21 per cent trees, which is equal to 8.4 million trees, nearly one for each Londoner out of the 8.6 million total population.

    With so many fascinating things to see and do in London, make the most of your holiday as you explore the city from a fresh perspective! Also, take the much-needed breaks with a rejuvenating spa at hotels in London.