Best music shops in London

music london

There are hundreds of historical music venues in London, many of which have staged some of the biggest and best performances in the world. Millions of people travel to the city every day to watch some of their favourite artists play live.

If you play an instrument then you’ve probably looked up at the stage before, wishing that it could be you shredding the guitar or elegantly playing the piano.

Luckily, London is also home to a range of amazing music shops that sell all kinds of professional instruments and equipment that can help you get closer to your dreams of stardom. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just looking to pick up a new instrument, this guide to London’s best music shops will help you find what you need.

Andy’s Guitar Shop

For any wannabe rock stars or classical prodigies, Andy’s Guitar Shop is a six-string wonderland. The shop is located near Tottenham Court Rd Tube Station, on Denmark St, and offers visitors five floors of quality guitar gear. Players can find everything from high-end Gibson Les Pauls to more modestly priced beginner brands like Epiphone and Squier. The selection of acoustic and electric guitars is one of the biggest in London. If you have an up-coming gig and need to update your setup, then Andy’s will have you covered thanks to their huge range of pedals, cables and amps. Whether you’re new to guitar or you’re an axe-shredding professional, you’ll feel right at home in this amazing guitar getaway. We’d venture a bet that some of Andy’s pieces have graced the stage at some of the most historical music venues in London!

Bina Musicals

Bina Musical features a cultural collection of instruments and equipment from all around the world. You can pick up an authentic Indian sitar or choose from a range of traditional woodwind instruments. If you’re a musician wanting to get out of your comfort zone and learn something new, then you have a lot to choose from at Bina Musicals. The drummers out there can add to their collection with drums from around the world. The shop also features a huge library of music books and videos for beginners and professional alike.


This quaint music shop specialises in everything folk. Located at Rathbone Place, Hobgoblin offers a wide range of classical folk instruments such as banjos, mandolins, flutes and even bagpipes. For those classic folk fans, this shop gives you the chance to look for a quirky new instrument to add to your collection. If you fancy yourself the next Bob Dylan then you can pick out the perfect harmonica and neck brace to play along with your guitar. The talented technicians at the shop also offer a repair service, so you can give new life to some of your old instruments.


For any classically trained players this is the best place to find a huge range of professional stringed instruments. From a small violin to a big double bass, and everything in between, Bridgewood stocks some of the best classical brands on the market. This luxury shop is perfect for those looking to get their instrument repaired by professionals, or to upgrade completely to a more high-end version.