Community First: What’s on in The City in November?


When most people think of London, they probably have a few of the iconic buildings in The City in mind. Though The City is small in size, it packs plenty of punch into its confines, with a mixture of history, modern culture and superb events helping to create a unique area where you can always be sure there's something new to discover.

In addition to being the historic heart of London, The City is one of the most vibrant areas in the capital, offering plenty of great entertainment and attractions. In this blog, we'll take a closer look at some of the key events happening throughout the month of November.

Battle of Ideas

Barbican Centre

2nd - 3rd November 2019

This annual event is centred around a weekend of debate, with more than 90 chances to get involved in voicing your views on a wide variety of different subjects. The official program for 2019 can be viewed online at the official Battle of Ideas site – there's something for everyone, particularly if you're in an opinionated mood while staying at 5 star hotels in London!

Organised by the Academy of Ideas in coordination with a worldwide selection of thinkers in a number of disciplines, this is a wonderful way to get to grips with challenging ideas and thought-provoking concepts.

There are two days to choose from, and The Barbican, one of London's foremost artistic centres, is the perfect host location for this lively festival.

Diwali on the Square

Trafalgar Square

3rd November 2019

Another of London's most popular annual events, Diwali on the Square marks the beginning of the Festival of Lights, and offers an abundance of fun activities and great food, as well as live musical performances.

There'll be a mixture of contemporary and traditional acts to enjoy, as well as market stalls with crafts and delicious dishes, alongside a selection of workshops suitable for all ages staying at the Montcalm Hotel Liverpool Street.

City Remembrance Service

St. Paul's Cathedral

4th November 2019

A valued precursor to Remembrance Day, this event marks the start of London's annual remembrance events, which commemorate the losses suffered during various conflicts in which Britain has fought.

A sombre, traditional event, St. Paul's Cathedral will form the venue for this year's City Remembrance Service, and this dramatic, historic space is perfect for a service of this kind. With a lengthy and eventful connection to London's development over many centuries, the current cathedral was designed by famed architect Sir Christopher Wren, and is a familiar sight to fans of the city skyline.

Remembrance at Leadenhall

Leadenhall Market

31st October - 8th November

Leadenhall Market is one of London's most beautiful marketplaces, in a city which has many to choose from! Enclosed thanks to the stunning roof, Leadenhall provides plenty to see and do, including shopping, live events and much more besides.

This November, Leadenhall Market will be commemorating the losses of Britain's war history with a series of events which bring together servicemen and women from both Britain and the Commonwealth as well as civilians who have been affected by war.

There will be workshops and musical performances, and while the full details have yet to be released, Remembrance at Leadenhall is sure to be a remarkable event for guests at a hotel in Finsbury Square to discover.

The Lord Mayor's Show


9th November 2019

This very special event has a long history, and should certainly make its way onto the itinerary of visitors keen to discover more about London's key traditions during a stay.

The Lord Mayor's Show dates all the way back to 1215. King John had just unveiled a charter which allowed London's citizens to choose a mayor of their own, rather than it being decreed by the monarch (in keeping with prior legislation). A crucial turning point in British history, each year since this date, the Lord Mayor of London has travelled from the City of London to Westminster so they can pledge their allegiance to the reigning monarch of the era.

The celebration is free to attend, and includes a remarkable mixture of modern attractions and the pageantry for which London is so renowned. Extremely popular with locals, there are regularly over 500,000 visitors watching the parade, which spans three miles of the city and includes an array of colourful floats and live performers, as well as the Lord Mayor's elaborate coach.

As an interesting addition for anyone who wants to explore the event in more detail, the coach itself can be visited at the Museum of London for the remainder of the year.

Tower of London Ice Rink

Tower of London

16th November 2019

The first event on our shortlist to take place at the Tower of London, 16th November marks the unveiling of this year's seasonal ice skating rink, which combines a historic setting with a chance to have some winter fun learning how to skate.

Food and drink will be available at the sidelines of the ice rink, and there's also room for people who prefer to remain spectators. We recommend booking in advance, as it can get pretty busy at peak times.

Uncrowned Queen with Nicola Tallis

Tower of London

25th November 2019

The Tower of London is without doubt one of the City of London's most splendid buildings, first built by William the Conqueror after the Norman Invasion of 1066. Having previously served a role as everything from a prison to a zoo, the tower is now amongst the most important tourist attractions in London.

There are regular events throughout the year which help bring British history to life, and this includes a number of talks from authors who have written work which is particularly relevant to the location. The latest instalment is from Nicola Tallis, who will be discussing her book about Margaret Beaufort, noted matriarch of the Tudor dynasty.