Everything You Need To Know About The London Pass 2022

Everything You Need To Know About The London Pass 2022

Whilst London promises one of the most exciting, vibrant and entertaining holidays in the UK, guests of the Montcalm luxury hotels in London know that it can be one of the most overwhelming. With 32 boroughs and countless more attractions, each day can feel like a hard decision between several equally unforgettable activities. That plus financial pressure is why the London Pass is touted as one of the best ways to save money and organise your holiday in the city.

On paper that is. The London Pass does save you money and help you to organise your trip, but only in specific circumstances. This blog will outline everything you need to know about the London Pass so that regardless of the length of your stay with hotel packages London, you’ll know how and when to use your London Pass. Equally, this blog will outline how the Pass may hinder your trip in specific circumstances.

What Is The London Pass?

The London Pass is a digital pass that allows you access to over 80 different London attractions, museums and experiences, providing queue jump capabilities and even extensive sightseeing tours and experiences. The London Pass is available for a variety of time periods, spanning from 1 day to 10 days - excluding 8 or 9 day passes.

How To Use The London Pass

It’s worth noting that whilst there used to be a physical pass, it is completely digital now. You must download the app and purchase the pass through there, then check which attractions require a reservation. After that, you can simply show your pass and QR code at the ticket office at the attraction.  

It’s also worth noting that if you’re using the London Pass for multiple days, that these days must be consecutive rather than on days on your trip that do not follow each other. The London Pass then, is designed with a level of flexibility, but on multi-day passes, requires you to use each day wisely. There's no time to dawdle! 

It’s also important to point out that public transport is not included, but can be bought as an add on to your pass to allow for savings on London Underground and bus services.

Top Picks Of The London Pass

So what does the London Pass allow you entry into? Below are some of our top picks for the London Pass and the attractions you can enjoy with it. 

Windsor Castle 

The preferred home of the queen herself, Windsor Castle is easy to reach from Waterloo Station and deserves a whole day out thanks to its 13 acres of land on the edge of the River Thames. The castle itself is still functioning and operational as a royal residence but has plenty of tourist attractions and exhibits, so that visitors can learn about its 950 years of history.

Tower Of London

Another castle built in the 11th century, the Tower of London on the northern banks of the River Thames is an iconic part of the London skyline. With a colourful history teeming with gangsters, crown jewels and royal murders, the Tower is a must for anyone wanting to learn about the city’s long history - and of course to catch a look at the Crown Jewels. 

London River Cruise

The Uber Boat Thames Clipper allows visitors to enjoy a beautiful and relaxing ride on the Thames river cruise service, seeing many of the city’s most famous waterfront sights in the process. The T1-day roamer pass available through the London Pass will give you the chance to enjoy unlimited boat journeys all day, doubling up as an effective mode of transport between landmarks and attractions. 

One Day Hop On Hop Off Bus Tour

Another useful sightseeing transport method is the London City Hopper tour bus. This open air bus will pass many of the landmarks of London whilst a tour guide provides interesting information about them. There are also audio guides in a variety of different languages too. With a London Pass, you can get on and get off whenever you want and a choice of two bus companies providing these types of tours - the Golden Tours and the Big Bus company.

Kensington Palace

Home to Prince William and Princess Kate, Kensington Palace is a beautiful royal homestead on the edge of Kensington Gardens. Open daily to tourists, visitors on the London Pass can enjoy exhibitions exploring the Queen and King’s State Apartments, the Life Through A Lens Photography Exhibition and a gallery exploring the early life of Queen Victoria, who grew up in this palace.

London Zoo

A must for those wanting to get in touch with their wild side, London Zoo is situated in Regent’s Park and offers visitors a chance to get in touch with their wild side. One of the oldest of its kind in the world, London Zoo is a great family outing with expansive enclosures of monkeys, tigers, giraffes and much much more.

Is The London Pass Worth It?

So is the London Pass worth it? Yes and no, depending on how long you’re staying at the Montcalm Royal London House for. The longer you buy a pass for, the easier it is to save money, if you have the time to explore two to three attractions a day. It’ll require a little planning in advance, but a good way to measure up whether you are going to save money on ticket admissions with a London Pass is to calculate the total cost of all your desired attractions and then compare that against the price of the pass. Saving money will of course be more difficult with one or two day passes, as the Pass itself costs less per day when you buy it for multiple days.

However, it’s worth pointing out that there are a range of free attractions in London, including the British Museum, Natural History Museum, Victoria & Albert Museum and the Tate Galleries, National Galleries. If these are more than enough for your trip to London, then you may not need a London Pass. 

Plan Your Pass

So if you’ve been thinking of investing in the London Pass, remember that whilst it will help you gain quick and better value entry into many of the city’s most popular museums and attractions, there are a range of free options for days out in the city. Furthermore, the longer a London Pass you buy, the more you’ll save, providing guests of Finsbury Square restaurant hotels with even more value for money.