A guide to Stamford Hill


Stamford Hill is a bustling area in North London, comprised of four wards in the district of Hackney. The neighbourhood itself is well-known for its many local attractions and thriving local businesses – here's our brief guide to getting to know Stamford Hill...

Discovering Stamford Hill

This district was named after the hill which runs through the area with a name which itself is thought to date as far back as the 11th century. The area has been noted as a place which many of London's Hasidic Jewish community call home and it is bordered by other major areas of the city including Tottenham in the north, Stoke Newington in the west, West Hackney in the south, and Upper Clapton in the east.

Stamford Hill was dramatically developed throughout the 18th century, with a large concentration of horse-drawn traffic causing for extensive road works.

Today it is home not only to local businesses but to great transport connections within easy reach. The neighbourhood is close to the Montcalm Hotel London City, providing lots to explore during your own stay in the city. The unique character of the area has led to its inclusion in many documentaries eager to explore the lives of local residents.

Local Shopping

There are plentiful shopping opportunities close to Stamford Hill, catering to both the local community and visitors from around the world staying at hotels such as the Montcalm Hotel London City. Key shopping areas to explore include the Stoke Newington Farmers Market, only 4 minutes away from the area, which specialises in delicious local produce from some of London's best producers, and Whole Foods Market, also only 4 minutes from Stamford Hill, and providing plentiful natural produce. There are also bakeries and both local and international eateries situated throughout the neighbourhood.

Local Leisure

Stamford Hill and the surrounding area offers plentiful spaces to relax and unwind during your stay at our hotel in Finsbury Square. Popular options include Abney Park Cemetery & Nature Reserve (only 3 minutes from Stamford Hill), which provides stunning views, an active nature reserve and a non-denominational cemetery, hidden away from much of the rest of the city.

Clissold Park is only 13 minutes away, with lots of space and fewer crowds than some of London's larger parks, while Springfield Park offers not only a great place to enjoy some summer sun, but an on-site cafe perfect for grabbing a few refreshments.

Events and Entertainment

There is plenty of nightlife close to Stamford Hill, including everything from clubs to pubs and all within 10-20 minutes of the area. Visitors can also look forward to lots of entertainment options, including everything from creative spaces such as Hackney Downs Studios (a creative hub established in 2011) to the MostArt Centre, which offers space for photography exhibitions, photography and much more.

The area also hosts regular markets and independent events covering everything from food to flea markets and arts and crafts projects.