Happiness is… chocolate!

Rococo Chocolates

From the happiest of times to those times you feel blue, from time spent with friends to time spent curled up alone with a book. Birthdays, anniversaries, special days to not so special days; chocolate brings comfort, warmth, and…happiness.

Some say that finding great chocolate is like finding true love. Well, a bar of the finest chocolate may not last you a lifetime, but it sure can feel like a hug when you need one.

Those who know and love The Montcalm London’s luxurious hotels know that a great stay is more than just a comfortable room and a stylish environment. It’s the #MontcalmExperience that makes a stay stand out. It’s those moments that become memories, born out of unique experiences, that keep you coming back for more.

And so it was with our chocolate tasting event at the Montcalm Royal London House. Just like love, chocolate deserves to be celebrated - which is exactly what we did on World Chocolate Day. Teaming up with Rococo Chocolates - chocolatier par excellence, we offered yet another unique #MontcalmExperience. Sustainably sourced, ethically produced and hand crafted in London, Rococo Chocolates stand for exceptional British chocolate. Guests were treated to decadent delights as Rococo Chocolates shared their handiwork with us. From the vanilla toffee coated in milk chocolate to the more tongue-tickling Geranium Cream and serenely soothing Lavender Cream, they could take their pick from the eye-catching array that greeted their arrival - making the experience sweeter still.

Like every #MontcalmExperience, there’s a little more to it than meets the eye.  Thirty lucky guests were also greeted with something rather special: a beautiful little bag of Jersey New Potatoes.

Wait. Potatoes? What have potatoes to do with chocolate? These weren’t just your average humble spuds, but yet another stunning creation by Rococo Chocolates - Jersey New Potato Pralines with Mint, beautifully crafted chocolate embellished with roughly chopped hazelnut praline, covered in white chocolate and shaped into sweet little new potatoes. Served with crystallised mint leaves. How’s that for a surprise!