Top 5 reasons to hold a business meeting in London

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Many companies have their headquarters in London, and some based outside of the South even have a number to make it look like a regional office is actually based in the city of London. The reason? London’s a global destination, and being able to afford offices and hold meetings there is a sure sign that your company knows what it’s doing.

It’s picturesque and central

Not many places in the world have both the connectivity and the green space that London offers. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, using rooms at the Montcalm Hotel London means that you’re in the heart of one of the most important tech destinations in the world. You’ll also be able to look out onto a lush park complete with plenty of heavy trees.

Having plenty of plants and greenery around has been proven to make us happier and be able to tackle problems more easily than those without access to green spaces. London can help you work smarter.

It’s the most powerful global city

For the fifth year in a row, London has been named the most powerful city in the world, thanks to research done by the Mori Memorial Foundation in Japan. London has top businesses, amazing culture not far from the City, global transport links and is a coveted destination for travellers in and out of the UK.


It’s easy to find a way to London; almost every major train station in the UK carries travellers direct to London, even if the train in question comes from Glasgow. London’s six international airports make up the busiest airport system in the world, and 60% of the entirety of UK air traffic. London is a global hub, which is especially important if you’re meeting international business travellers for your meeting.

London is also the first to get new technological developments—with 5G being rolled out soon, you’d be better off meeting in 5 star hotels in London than in another city.


London plays host to millions of people, and there are almost 300 different languages being spoken in the city. It’s truly multicultural, and in a time where business is becoming increasingly global, showing your firm is representational of the changing world will only encourage partners and rivals to see your business as being on the cutting edge.

International headquarters

There’s also a good chance that the person you’re meeting is based in London themselves! 33% of European headquarters belonging to the global Fortune 500 can be found here, more than 40% of the world’s foreign equities are traded here—more than New York—and although cities in large countries tend to focus on their large domestic markets, London looks outwards. 80% of business conducted in London is international.

London shows absolutely no signs of losing its crown as the most desired location for UK businesses and business meetings. As one of the busiest cities in the world, companies would be wise to include themselves in the bustle.