Learn More Insights about Luxury in London

Montcalm Royal London House

Luxury in London speaks volumes about the values people have in the city. Perhaps more than anywhere, luxury is cultivated, and appreciated in a way that few other cities can manage. Naturally, if you're looking to experience luxury at its finest, you most likely need to visit London. Not just for the department, boutique, and designer shops – but also for the experience of staying in one of the Luxury hotels in London.

An example of such a venue is the Montcalm Royal London House – one of the most famous luxury hotels in the city. The Montcalm epitomises class and elegance, and that naturally make it a very popular choice for new travellers in the city.

So where else can you get insights about luxury in London? Visit any royal palace, and you'll see just how far luxury can be taken. The Buckingham Palace is available to visit during selected periods of the year and so are many others. Other favourite palaces include Kensington Palace, Hampton Court Palace, Banqueting House, and Eltham Palace.

Each of these venues offers visitors something that's unique. The monarchy in London has been a constant source of fascination for travellers worldwide, and it's perhaps through the royal family, that values of luxury began to be held in importance. But London has more than luxury shops, Royal venues, and hotels to offer. It also boasts chauffer services, some of the best spas in Europe, and scintillating Michelin starred restaurants.

More than though, guests can find a wide variety of champagne bars, rooftop garden bars, and luxury travel experiences that include Diamond Air and London helicopter. But the only real way to find out for yourself how far luxury goes in London is to visit yourself. With an exclusive package deal, you'll be able to experience affordable luxury in one of the many hotels in the city.

Whatever you do, we invite you to stay in a central accommodation. That way you can conveniently find everything that’s worth experiencing in the city – right from your footstep. Book your stay at London’s Montcalm for an indulgent and luxurious stay.