5 Places to Watch the Superbowl in London

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The annual Superbowl championship might not seem like a very London kind of event, but in recent years, the enormously popular American sports fixture has made its mark in the city. While once, Londoners might have looked a little baffled when asked what the Superbowl was, nowadays, with the influence of film, TV and online sports channels, you’ll be able to find the Superbowl screening all over the city.

The Superbowl is an annual event that has been running for over 50 years, since 1967, and features a clash between two champion teams in the US National Football League. As one of the most important sports events in the US, Superbowl Day is often the most watched TV broadcast in the year, and for Americans in London, they’ll no doubt want to make sure that they can still catch the big match on the day.

But it’s not just the allure of seeing a great sports match that makes the Superbowl so popular. With hundreds of millions of viewers watching it on screen, it’s also a great platform for leading musicians to perform on, and each year shows off an incredible star during the match’s half-time break. Packed with excitement and entertainment, the Superbowl is now more popular across the globe than ever, and if you’re in London, there will be plenty of great bars and venues to soak up the atmosphere of the day. Check out great London city hotel deals to help you plan your visit, and read on for details on some of the best places to watch the Superbowl.

Hard Rock Café

If you’re staying in the Montcalm Hotel London, you’ll find plenty of great restaurants near Finsbury Square serving up delicious and tempting food, but when you want to catch the Superbowl, going for a classic American meal is the best way to experience it. The Hard Rock Café chain is the ideal place to take in the hype and buzz of the larger than life American event, and the restaurant serves up all of the typical dishes you’d expect, including juicy burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and fries, as well as plenty of beer and soda to wash it all down with.

There are a number of Hard Rock Café locations across London, including in Mayfair and Piccadilly, and they’ll often screen the match live on their screens. Settle in and get cosy with plenty of snacks, and enjoy all the action as it unfolds.

The Grand

Located in south west London in Clapham, the Grand is one of the most spectacular places in the city to watch the Superbowl. For the past eleven years, the space has held an exceptional live event, screening the match and keeping customers happy with plenty of delicious food and drink to enjoy throughout.

While The Grand might be a bit of a trek from the Hotel Montcalm London City, it is certainly well worth the journey. The venue features the largest HD screen in London, measuring an enormous 24 foot wide. It also has two other 8 foot HD screens, as well as six 50” plasma screens, so there is no chance of missing any of the action.

The enormous space has plenty of room for you to sit or stand in, with the option to purchase VIP boxes if you plan on catching the match with a group of friends. Best of all, you’ll also be able to enjoy lots of delicious American stadium snacks, enjoy live themed music from the resident DJ, and bask in all the excitement and buzz of the atmosphere.

Rileys Sports Bar

If you’re not sure where to head to on the day, a sports bar is always a good choice of catching the Superbowl, and this sophisticated spot in Haymarket always provides a lively and memorable experience.

An ideal destination to visit when you’re in town with London city hotel deals, Rileys features a well sized three metre wide screen, comfortable seating and a good range of food and drink to enjoy while watching the match. With its central location, it’s easy to get to, and you can even splurge a little extra to enjoy the VIP experience, with a bucket of delicious fast food and plenty of beer.

Planet Hollywood

With a lively party atmosphere and plenty of excitement, both on screen and in the restaurant, Planet Hollywood in London is a great choice to watch the Superbowl from.

Located in London’s West End, you’re close by to many other central London attractions, giving you plenty to enjoy before the big game later in the evening. Once it’s ready to get started, you’ll find live cheerleaders to bring a little touch of American spirit into the capital, as well as plenty of great food and drink.

Planet Hollywood often offers special deals that include bar entry and a set menu of food and drinks, making it a great value choice for the evening. Alternatively, if you’re not sure if you plan to stay for the whole game, you can also pay for entry only, and choose to order your snacks and drinks at the bar while you take in the game. With plenty of large HD screens, there is ample space to sit or stand.


If you fancy something a little more stylish but still want to experience all the thrill of the match, head to the wonderful New York import, Balthazar. The American restaurant is located in Covent Garden, and has a tempting menu full of deliciously indulgent treats, including mac n’ cheese, steak sandwich and more.

They normally screen the Superbowl match on large screens within the restaurant, and in the past, have even invited some of the UK’s top American Football teams to watch the action with the rest of the crowd. If the late night viewing party starts to get a little tiring, there will be plenty of caffeine on hand to help you stay awake.