The Best American Restaurants in London

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Think of American food – what do you picture?

Most people will conjure up images of sizzling hotdogs, big burgers with plenty of relishes, chilli fries, thick creamy milkshakes and all the other timeless classics. In the wake of the presidential elections, London food trends seem to following an All-American route. Not that London’s love of American cuisine is a new affair – for years London (and the rest of England for that matter) have delighted in creating replica diners, burger houses and other American ‘food joints’.

Why has this trend suddenly skyrocketed, why should you join in, and where should you go to do so?

The Perks of Fast Food

It’s common sense to know that fast food is bad for you. But we’re not talking multi-mega-chain fast food joints right now, we’re talking good ol’ wholesome American fast food. It’s fast to serve, easy to eat and totally and undeniably delicious.

American food can be found on every street corner in London. The perks of American food is that it’s easy to cook (hence why you’ll find a burger stall in every London street market) and it’s effortlessly casual cuisine. You have the ability to grab and go with American cuisine. If you are a visitor to London, indulging in some American grub is a great idea when out and about sight-seeing; grab a bun and keep moving on. There’s no fuss about it. What more would you want?

The food may simple and sound run-of-the-mill, but if executed correctly, your hamburger, hotdog, ribs or friend chicken meal has the ability to be utterly exceptional. Simple food done well is always a winner.

The American style of service is also becoming a trend in London. Service is taking on a friendlier and more casual approach, which will help you relax and enjoy yourself whilst dining. It’s causal, effortless and down to earth.

Best American-style restaurants in London

Looking for some good ol’ fashioned American grub then? Here are some recommendations, selected by Montcalm Hotels, for some of the best American food in London.

  1. Bukowski Grill
    10 D'Arblay Street, Soho, London, W1F 8DS

Feel the influence of all things Uncle Sam in this American grill located in Soho. Let the rustic interiors transport you across the Atlantic as you relish their gorgeous burgers and innovative meat specialties.

  1. Big Easy Canary Wharf

1 Crossrail Place, Canary Wharf, London, E14 5AR

Treat yourself to some of the best in American cuisine down at Big Easy in Canary Wharf. Fancy an All-American breakfast? Or how about a mouth-watering American BBQ Lunch? No matter what you’re in search for, Big Easy will cater to all your culinary needs in rugged American style. Not only that, but Big Easy is home to over 100 types of rum! Now that’s impressive!

3.    Electric Diner

       191 Portobello Road, London, W11 2ED

Electric Diner is inspired by Sodikoff's Au Cheval restaurant in Chicago and serves some of the best cheeseburgers, hotdogs and fries in London. Effortlessly cool and oozing with chic interiors and American diner realness. A must visit for any American food fan.

  1. Sticky Fingers
    1A Phillimore Gardens, Kensington, London, W8 7QG

Decked out with all the neon signs and rock n roll influences you’d expect in an American style restaurant, Sticky Fingers was inspired by the Rolling Stones album of the same name. The Rolling Stones may not be American but all their songs were a love letter to old American blues, R N B and soul music. The food is exquisite. Expect nothing less than tender steaks, award winning burgers all the tastes and flavours of the American dream.

And there you have it! But remember, American restaurants are everywhere in London and this is only the tip of the iceberg. Get exploring the wild eclectic cityscape of London and who knows what you’ll find down the hidden cobbled pathways and busy street corners of this exciting city.

Looking for something else other than American food?

Don’t worry, London celebrates all kinds of cuisines! All you have to do is walk down one of London’s busy high streets to see this city’s adoration for different cultures and their food. Experience the best Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, American, Thai, South American, African and English cuisine there is, right here in London!

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